How to throw the perfect Christmas barbecue

The classic Christmas Day BBQ is about as Aussie as it gets, along with the searing heat, beach cricket and mozzies. But how can you become a legend behind the grill, and treat everyone to amazing array of delights that they’ll be talking about well after Santa has packed away his sleigh for the year?

hamburgers on bbq grill

Theme the menu

Anyone can throw some chops and snags on the BBQ, but it takes talent to theme the entire fiesta. So why not pick a food theme and base all of the menu choices and decorations around that? Once you’ve got the idea locked in, the rest should just all fall into place: some suggestions are a beach theme with a blow-up pool, sandpit and fruity cocktails, ocean theme with fish and prawns on the grill, or Mexican theme.

Upgrade boring burgers

The traditional hamburger is dead, courtesy of the rash of designer burger joints that have sprung up all over the country [Grill’d anyone?]. Your hamburgers need to be full-time fancy to surprise and delight your guests: this is a case where the phrase “more the merrier” rings true, so heap extras like fried eggs, beetroot, pineapple and grilled onions onto your burgers. The same goes for hotdogs!


If steak is your thing, find a great marinade and soak the meat for a full day beforehand, to ensure that it’s a taste sensation on the BBQ. Also, make sure that it’s good quality cut of meat that you’re serving, as you don’t want your guests picking gristle out of their teeth later in the evening

Vegetarian options

More and more people are turning to a vegetarian lifestyle, so don’t forget that there may be some non meat-eaters among your guests. There’s now a massive array of vegetarian BBQ options in the freezer and cold food section of your supermarket, including vegetable patties, faux-sages [faux sausages] and marinated tofu, so there’s plenty to keep a vegetarian satiated.

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