How to take great holiday snaps

Great holiday photos are a fantastic way to relive the memories and stories of your favourite family trip away. A picture can certainly tell a thousand words, so follow our top tips to help you capture that perfect moment.

man taking picture of woman on vacation

Tell a story

Document the entire journey, not just the destination. Start by taking photos before you leave your house, then capture the trip to the airport and the arrival. Don’t forget to also take pics all the way home! The little moments are also just as important to capture — the kids sleeping in the back of the car, the chaos of the packing, the baggage carousel.

Interact with the environment

Try to include people and scenery for a lovely balance in your photos. Often we get so carried away with the gorgeous mountains or beaches that we forget to include our beloved family members! Position the kids or your husband so you can include both people and the scenery where possible. Candid shots are also great — especially of babies and kids.

Make a photo book

Take a series of photos to show how huge something is — such as Ayers Rock — or how something moves, such as the rollercoaster ride at Dreamworld theme park. Before, during and after shots are also great.

Don’t forget yourself

Often the designated photographer will forget to include themselves in the photo and before you know it, all of the holiday albums are missing you! Every now and then ask someone else to take a photo so you can include all the family, and remember to let the kids have a go at taking photos too.

Use the right camera

With modern technology, we often get carried away by our mobile phones and start using their cameras for all shots. While they are very useful for quick snapshots, it’s important to also remember to take a decent camera on a special holiday trip. Quality prints will make a huge difference to your photo album or scrapbook.

Digital cameras have a great range of settings so you can flick between portraits, night shots and moving images and maintain quality. If you’re carrying around a baby or have your hands otherwise occupied, a DSLR camera may too bulky to carry and use. Point and shoot cameras are pocket-sized and easy to use. If you’re heading out for a day at the beach, you might also want to use a disposable camera to protect your ‘real’ camera from sand and water.

Photograph signs

If you’re snap-happy when on holidays, you may get home to realise that you’ve forgotten where most of the photos were taken. Including signs or famous landmarks in your images may help remind you later. You’ll start realising that signs are actually all around, from small plaques on the ground to memorable street signs.

If you want to make your pictures look a little unique, try taking them from a different angle or editing them in a special computer program.

Digital camera basics

To take even better pictures, familiarise yourself with these picture-taking basics.


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