Cute Valentine’s Day love coupons

As the saying goes the best things in life are free. So rather than spend big this Valentine’s Day give your special someone a gift from the heart — a booklet of personalised love coupons that’ll inject imagination and sexiness into your relationship.

Love coupons with rose petals

Today is your lucky day! You have just stumbled on what will become your Valentine’s favourite and most memorable gift — an adorable booklet of personalised love coupons. Inside its loved-up pages you’ll find a personal — and inexpensive — way to treat your special someone to his favourite things.

Each coupon within the booklet can be redeemed (under your terms and conditions, of course) for a romantic or loving experience. All you have to do is use your knowledge to personalise it and away you go.

Aside from being virtually free (not including negligible home printing and binding costs), love coupons are personal enough to show your Valentine that you care and know him. From sexy massages to breakfast in bed each one will make his day.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s how to get started:

Love coupons fanned out

Valentine’s Day love coupons


  • The Valentine’s Day Love Coupons printable template
  • Printer
  • Scissors or paper guillotine
  • Pen or pencil
  • Stapler, brad or string


  1. Print out the free Valentine’s Day Love Coupons template on an A4 sheet of paper. Click here to print it out.
  2. Carefully cut each page out and trim it to size.
  3. Using your pen or pencil, fill out the blank spaces on the coupons to personalise your gift.
  4. Once you’re happy with the result, use a stapler, brad or piece of string to secure one or both corners of the Valentine’s Day love coupon booklet.
  5. Give it to your partner and have fun as he cashes it in.

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Alternate love coupon ideas

Rather than present the love coupons as a booklet why not leave them whole and pop them in a box (maybe a sexy one with a lock and key)? Another cute idea is to hide the coupons around the house — or garden, park or the place you first met — and make your Valentine work to find them.

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