3 Original Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Does he really need a chequered tie or a new pen? No! Valentine’s Day is all about getting personal. Knock his socks off with one of these three unique DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Valentine’s Day is here, you hand your man his present and then watch as his head hits the table and he begins to snore. Socks are not as thrilling a gift as you were led to believe, you conclude pensively. You ask the waiter for a wheelbarrow and roll your Valentine home.

It’s true. Valentine’s Day — like any other gift-giving occasion — is all about sentiment, intentions and thought. Generic presents just won’t hit the mark. So, if you really want to make his day, it’s time to get personal…

USB mixed tape

USB mix tape

Back in the days when boys were boys and girls drank lemonade in hoop skirts — or maybe a decade or two later — mixed tapes were the shizz. They were the ultimate way to express your fantastic taste in music, and your intentions, to the man of your dreams.

With the coming of new technology, however, tapes have retreated to the domain of ’80s cult-fiction movies and high-school memories. What hasn’t changed is that music is still one of the best ways to express your feelings. And, while tapes are no longer around, USB flash drives are and it’s easy to get back to basics and make a 21st century mix tape that’ll blow his mind.


  • USB
  • Computer
  • iTunes account (or similar)


  1. Think about all of the songs that are likely to speak to his heart. They can be songs that hold special meaning for the two of you or, alternatively, songs that are likely to get things steamy (if you want to go a little naughty).
  2. Download the songs on to your computer and put together a playlist.
  3. Export the playlist on to a USB flash drive.
  4. Decorate the USB with a personal message or label and off you go.

The sexy book of ideas

“Let’s try it” booklet

Sweet and thoughtful is amazing but sometimes the occasion calls for something a little kinkier. And what better time than Valentine’s Day to let your inner sex beast out? So set his imagination on fire and ensure your Valentine’s Day night is one to remember with a sexy “let’s try it” booklet.


  • Paper
  • Pens or a computer


  1. Have a good long think about what you would like to try with your man. This should be at least a little naughty — what haven’t you tried yet? Do you want to venture outside the bedroom? Is there a fetish or fantasy you’d like to fulfil?
  2. Decide which size you’d like your booklet to be. Something larger — like an A5 — will allow you to go into more detail. If you’d prefer to keep it short and sweet a little pocket-sized book will get the message across just fine.
  3. Either using your computer or pens, write out each of your ideas on a page of your book. That’s one idea per page.
  4. Use illustrations, images, magazine clippings or other visual aids to get your point across. Be bold.
  5. Write an introductory note on the first page of the book. If you don’t want to be too risqué something as simple as “here are the things I’d like us to try” will work just fine. You just need to ensure he has no doubts as to what the book is about.
  6. Pull all of the pages together and bind them with staples or string.

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Digital choose-your-own-adventure story

You can be almost certain that when your man watches Die Hard, The Fast and the Furious or Aladdin in his head he’s the one fighting the bad guys, saving the world and getting the girl. Well, this Valentine’s Day you have the power to make an adventure come to digital life for him.

Just come up with a good tale (or use your own love story for inspiration), make him the hero and spend a bit of time on the computer making it interactive.


  • Computer
  • A reserve of photos and memes


  1. On a piece of paper or your computer, plan out your story. If you’ve been together for a while you might like it to be your personal love story to remind him of some of your best moments together. Otherwise a personalised choose-your-own-adventure tale can be just as fun.
  2. Once you have a premise, draw a flowchart, ensuring that each step is either a question, an alternative or a resolution.
  3. When you’re happy with your story, find pictures and memes to complement all of its twists and turns.
  4. On your computer, create a folder and name it after your man. For example, “Ben.”
  5. Inside the folder, create another folder and name it after the first sentence or thought of your story. For example: “Once upon a time…”
  6. Inside this folder create two (or more) folders and name each one after an alternative plot point. For example: “Ben walked into a bar…” or “Ben went spearfishing…”
  7. Inside each of those folders, create more folders, pictures or memes to open and close off further plot-line alternatives. For example: inside “Ben walked into a bar…” you could put a meme of an animal walking into a bar and saying “ouch!” which would put an end to that line of the story. Alternatively you could open more folder options like “when, suddenly, he saw Clara” or “”ouch,”” he said and then…” allowing your man to follow a different path. Be aware that the more alternatives you create and leave open, the more intricate and time-consuming your story will become.
  8. Follow each line of your story until you’ve closed off — or resolved — all possible plot lines.
  9. Check each folder to ensure you’re happy with where the story goes.
  10. Write a card that instructs your Valentine to open his folder on the computer and watch as he embarks on his Valentine’s Day adventure.

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