How to make jelly eggs

Have a little fun this Easter by turning your eggs into jiggly, wiggly, wobbly snacks. A couple of egg shells, a bit of jelly and voila — jelly eggs. The kids will love them and — let’s be honest — so will you.

How to make jelly eggs
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Jelly is fun so why not use it to make your Easter fabulous? Jelly eggs are not only super easy to make but are sure to be a hit with your family. And, if you’re planning an adult Easter soiree, you could always add a bit of vodka into the mix and turn jelly eggs into jelly egg shots.

How to make jelly eggs: Supplies
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  • Eggs, fresh
  • Large safety pin
  • Packets of jelly
  • Sticky tape, stickers or washi tape
  • Vodka (if you’re making the adult version)


1. Prepare

Carefully wash all of the eggs as well as the safety pin.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 1
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2. Make holes

Using the safety pin make a small hole in the bottom (blunt) part of the egg and a slightly larger hole in the top (sharp) part of the egg.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 2
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3. Swirl the insides

Stick the pin through the holes into the egg yolk and swirl it around to mix the yolk with the egg white. Do this from both sides.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 3
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4. Blow eggs out

Facing the top (sharp) part of the egg downwards, place your lips to the bottom (blunt) part and blow air into the smaller pinhole. There will be resistance at first but increasingly the insides of the egg should pour out.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 4
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5. Wash eggs

Once you’ve blown out all of the eggs, wash the shells carefully using hot water and allow them to dry for at least one hour. Wash them once more and allow them to dry again.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 5
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6. Make jelly

Following the instructions on the packet of jelly make two or three different flavours. If you’re making the adult version add the vodka to the mix.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 6
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7. Stick eggs closed

Using sticky tape, stickers or washi tape, close the smaller pinhole on the blunt part of the egg shell.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 7
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8. Fill eggs with jelly

Using a funnel, piping bag or simply by pouring, fill the egg shell with the cooled jelly. Play around with different depths — fill some eggs to the very top and others halfway.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 8
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9. Allow to set

Sit the eggs upright and allow the jelly to set overnight.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 9
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10. Crack them open!

Crack the eggs open and serve them up.

How to make jelly eggs: Step 10
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11. Finished product

How to make jelly eggs: Finished
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