Mother’s Day activity ideas

It’s the one day of the year where Mum well and truly comes first. Make sure she realises how much she means to you this year by planning a lovely activity or two for Mother’s Day.

Plan a lovely lunch

Surprise your mum by booking a table at her favourite restaurant. If you can add to the excitement by inviting a sibling from some far-flung clime or other that would doubtless be a bonus.

Head out for a day trip

Depending on Mum’s tastes, you could take in a museum or a shopping centre, bookending your day with a cuppa and cake and a delicious meal out. There’ll be plenty of time for the two of you to enjoy each other’s company while doing something you know she’ll enjoy.

Book her in for a pamper-fest

Be it a back massage, facial or full head-to-toe pamper spectacular, a day of indulgence is bound to appeal. Mums with little kids at home are likely to be especially keen on this one.

Toast her over afternoon tea

A civilised cuppa in a posh hotel while nibbling on scones and cucumber sandwiches — what more could a girl want? As well as the obvious indulgence factor, this is also an opportunity for the two of you to spend time together one-to-one.

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Take in a new destination together

If Mum’s always dreamed of Derby (or Durham or Doncaster,) make her fantasy a reality by organising train tickets or offering a chauffeur service. Do the groundwork by researching fun things to do and enjoy discovering somewhere new together.

Book in a photo shoot

Mums, eh? They’re ever so sentimental, generally loving nothing more than clip frames full of family snaps. A family photo shoot will be a sure-fire hit with most mums, offering an enjoyable outing for the full clan with pics to follow.

Pick up a picnic

Whether it’s bursting full of chocolate, cheeses or smellies, a hamper packed with goodies is guaranteed to get Mum smiling. If the weather’s up to it, take the hamper on its first outing to a local park or beauty spot. And if it’s raining? A living room picnic wins points for novelty value.

Plan a girls’ night in

Hire her favourite movie (or one she’s been gagging to see but hasn’t got round to yet,) get the posh ice cream in the freezer and the popcorn in the microwave and — ta-da! — all the ingredients are in place for an ace girls’ night in.

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