Gifts for foodies

Dec 12, 2012 at 6:00 a.m. ET

Aficionados of food and drink are not always the easiest people to buy for as we can be a picky bunch. Here’s a selection of the best gifts for foodies this Christmas.

Food glorious food

Flavrbox tasting box

Flavrbox tasting box

A great concept that brings the best products from the U.K.’s finest suppliers to your postbox. You can have foodie gifts delivered quarterly or every month and can cancel at any time. You cannot decide what goes in the box so it is a great surprise and the perfect way to discover new food and producers (Flavrbox, £20).

Pong chesse collection

Pong Christmas explorer box

From personal experience I can tell you that these products do pong but in a great cheesy way. Online cheese sellers Pong have some superb gift boxes for this Christmas, including an Explorer Box featuring their version of the incredibly pungent Epoisses. You will not find any boring cheeses here (Pong, £30).

Rocket garden container garden

Patio container garden gift voucher

You do not have to have a huge garden to grow vegetables. This pack from Rocket Gardens contains a voucher which the recipient can redeem for a box of plug plants for 11 different fruit and vegetables. Suitable for growing in containers, the plants will be delivered once the weather gets warmer (Rocket Gardens, £37).

Pie lovers club

Pie lovers club

British Fine Food are one of the best purveyors of great British food on the web. Their Pie Lovers Club hand-picks gourmet and award-winning pies and delivers them to your home on a monthly basis. (British Fine Food, £30)

In the kitchen

Cookbook set

Cookbook Set

I'm already in trouble for recommending Sous Chef to friends. Many a pay packet has been blown on this wonderful site. Sous Chef sell anything and everything a foodie could want.

This cookbook set comes complete with the required but hard to find ingredients. Perfect for all those cooks who don't have a range of shops on the doorstep (, £40).

Noricware Bundt pan

Nordicware heritage bundt tin

Gone are cupcakes and in comes the bundt. Bundt cakes have finally reached the U.K. and are going to be very popular in 2013. With these beautiful cakes you don't need a swirl of buttercream because the cake speaks for itself. The best tins are from Nordicware and I particularly love this heritage tin. (, £40)

Aeropress coffee press


We all know a coffee fan, the one who tells you off for grabbing a coffee made from instant. This fabulous gadget allows you to brew a smooth, flavourful coffee anywhere without the need for a cafetiere or coffee machine. This is also a great gift for the travelling coffee aficionado as it is small, light and doesn't need to be plugged in (Creamsupplies, £20).

Letterpress cookie cutter

Letterpress cookie cutters

You can never have too many biscuit cutters especially when they embrace the current letterpress trend. These will not only cut but also emboss the biscuits with your chosen letters (Baker & Maker, £13).

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