Etsy favourites: Bad Christmas jumpers

Etsy is an online community where people from more than 150 countries sell their homemade creations. You can spend hours stumbling upon new finds — but you don’t have to! Each week we’ll feature a few of our favourite Etsy items. This week we’re helping you get ready for that British classic: the Bad Christmas Jumper party.

Etsy favourites

December is around the corner and the party invitations are in the post. Got a Bad Christmas Jumper-themed soiree in the diary? Then get on Etsy and do some shopping. They’ve got it all covered, whether you’re a woman, a man or a party-loving pet.

Ugly to a T

green christmas t-shirt

The mock-tuxedo T-shirt fast became an ironic fashion icon and its genius translates to a trompe l’oeil Christmas Jumper T-shirt. This is especially good for the warm-blooded or the bashful who may spend the evening lurking by the hot mulled wine. This fake knit, by Vardagen, has the softness and comfort of ringspun cotton, comes in an array of colours and features all the classic motifs from reindeer to snowman.

Style for the dogs

dog in christmas jumper

When it comes to festive occasions, don’t leave your dog out in the cold. Instead, surround him with holiday warmth and deck him in red, white and green with a special doggy jumper. Makers CrotchetyCraft specialise in outfits for pets so type in your own dog’s specifications and you’ll surely find a fit. And remember, judges often give extra points for matching double acts so get involved.

Simply the vest

christmas sweater vest

Of all knitwear, the sweater vest is often the most maligned. So what better way to seal your win at the Bad Christmas Jumper party? Music City Vintage has trawled through thousands of ugly jumper collections to bring you the very best and we think they’ve succeeded here. This vest is adorned with candy canes, Christmas trees and rocking horses, not to mention the “hint of Angora for fuzzy flair?” Do you have to be drunk to wear it? No, but it helps.

Puddings with no taste

pudding sweater

Do not be fooled by the glamorous model slouchily wearing this jumper like a good hipster should. Instead, recognise that this Christmas pudding jumper pattern means you can pick colours and themes and make this pudding as distasteful as you need it to be to claim your prize. Bernibee Knits also makes a Reindeer sweater pattern in a delightfully 1970s palette. It may be tough to decide which recipe is right for you.

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