Etsy favourites: Halloween costumes for baby

Etsy is an online community where people from more than 150 countries sell their homemade creations. You can spend hours stumbling upon new finds — but you don’t have to! Each week we’ll feature a few of our favourite Etsy items. This week we’re giving you the heads-up about Halloween costumes so funny and cute they both trick and treat.

Etsy favourites

Babies and toddlers are cute enough as it is — but put them in a Halloween costume and they manage to get even cuter. When a costume has a comedic or surprising twist those first Halloweens get that much more memorable. Take a look at some of these adorable, handmade Etsy finds, grab your camera and get ready for those Facebook comments to roll in.

Go gnome!

Gnome baby costume

A few simple tricks — like a tunic, belt, pointy hat and white beard — can transform your child into a garden gnome. We love that the beard is made from the fringes of vintage bedspreads. Whilst the costume is shown in the traditional red and blue, creators The Radical Thread Co. can customise it in girly colours or to mimic the dwarfs from Disney films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Gnomeo and Juliet.

Shark sighting

Hammerhead shark costume

Turn your baby into the first shark you actually want to meet! This hammerhead costume has a 3D head, requisite fin and the face opening is lined with sharp teeth. See a baby’s face in there, though, and things get a lot less menacing. Those friendly bright blue eyes and satin cape will make you smile — as will the easy Velcro closure. You won’t have to wrestle with this shark to get ready! Check out the other hilarious creations by Pip & Bean, too.

Handmade mermaid

Mermaid Halloween Costume

This crocheted mermaid costume is intricate and beautiful and it may be its adult-like sophistication that makes it look so surprising on your baby. The stitched seashell top especially cracks us up and is made from super soft yarn for your baby’s comfort. Artist Creative Dragonfly ensures no detail is missed with a coral starfish headband made complete by a faux pearl.

Chicken little

Chicken costume

Chickens have long been a comedy staple, whether the rubber variety used by old comedians or as the centre of jokes about their road-crossing intentions. Get your baby in on the act with this handmade feathered chicken costume from Gettinhitchedbride, who jokes on Etsy that it will “quack you up.” Be sure to use yellow washing up gloves on the feet for maximum comedy impact.

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