How to throw a great adult Halloween party

Halloween has traditionally been a holiday ruled by hyperactive kids in scary costumes. But why should children have all the fun? Here’s our guide to throwing a great adult party this Halloween!

Choose your theme

Halloween is the perfect time of year for adults to indulge their inner child. Your party theme can be as fun, funky or silly as your imagination will allow. So whether you fancy recreating heaven and hell in your living room, filling your home with pirates or throwing a murder mystery party, let yourself rejoice in the youthful fun and excitement.

Make an early start

Don’t leave it until the last minute to send out invitations. The sooner you send out your invites, the longer your guests will have to find a suitable costume and arrange for someone else to take their kids trick-or-treating if your party is to be held on Halloween night. You don’t want your party to fall flat because you didn’t give your friends enough notice.

Get decorating

Halloween just wouldn’t seem the same without plenty of decorations. If you’re planning a spooky party, get a CD of scary music or sound effects, keep the lights low and add plenty of fake cobwebs, spiders and dry ice. Just be sure that the dry ice doesn’t find its way into anyone’s food or drink and keep it away from your guests’ skin.

Costumes win prizes

Adults often feel silly when asked to dress up so sweeten the deal by offering prizes for the best costumes. The prizes needn’t be expensive —  small tokens such as miniature bottles of alcohol will do the job well. The real reward for your guests will come from knowing they are the best dressed, or most original, person in the room.

Help everyone join in

Don’t let your guests get away with being spoilsports. Make costumes compulsory and get everyone into the swing of things with a game or two — bobbing for apples and marshmallows, Murder in the Dark and Halloween-themed charades are all great choices. Compile a CD of themed songs to get people up and grooving — who can resist the cool beat of Thriller or the retro Ghostbusters theme tune? You could also arrange for a palm reader to tell your guests their fortunes or even get a Ouija board for a super-scary evening.

Plan your food and drinks

No good party can ever be complete without yummy food and delicious cocktails and your Halloween party is no exception. Your guests won’t expect a sit-down meal but they will enjoy finger foods they can pick up and munch. Use Halloween biscuit cutters to make pumpkin- or ghost-shaped sandwiches, prepare a batch of cookies using green and orange Smarties and mix up a simple punch, served in a cauldron.

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