Honest Father's Day cards

May 24, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET
Image: Andrew Olney/Photodisc/Getty Images

This Father's Day let's give dear ol' Dad a dose of humor and honesty, all served up in an e-card. We're guessing you and your dad can relate to a few of these.

Life lessons

Dads are the best at teaching us valuable skills we can use later in life...

And some dads are remembered for the things they didn't teach us...

Then there are the dads who spent countless hours teaching us stuff, to no avail...

Idle threats

Some fathers will be remembered this Father's Day for their idle, but hilarious threats — some of which left us with odd physical reactions to inanimate objects...

... but most of which were just good, clean fun.

Dad's dreams

Here's a nod to the dads who had such high hopes for us...


And here's to the dads who believed in us no matter what...


Let's not forget the dads who were well-intended, and we believed them no matter what...

Make your own

Didn't see an e-card here that's perfect for your dear old dad? Make your own here.

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