6 TV dads that totally remind us of our fathers

Who says nothing on television is real? We think these TV dads are strikingly similar to ours. Their personalities (no matter what they are) seem amplified for comedy value or dramatic tension, but doesn’t your dad always seem a little more amplified than everyone else’s? Raise your hand if you’re related to Archie Bunker.

1. Tim Taylor

Tim Allen was what we’d like to call an accident-prone ingenue. He had big ideas and was always on the hunt for ways to make things better and faster. To his defense, he usually succeeded. Sometimes, though, his obsession with speed went wrong. If you’re more likely to find your dad in the garage than the kitchen or he’s ever driven his souped-up mower through the garage door, you probably have a Tim Allen on your hands.

2. Mr. Tanner

Mr. Tanner

Danny Tanner was a rare creature among dads. A total clean freak and a doting but protective father to three girls, Mr. Tanner was not only an excellent dad, but he a dang good mother, too. If your dad enjoys nothing more than helping you clean your room or has adamantly protested the addition of an adorable pet because of the mess they make, you may be living with your very own Danny Tanner. (If he curses and knows a lot of inappropriate jokes, then your dad might be more of a Bob Saget.)

3. Dr. Huxtable

Dr. Huxtable

Not all dads with white-collar jobs like doctors or lawyers ignore their kids for work. Dr. Huxtable and your dad are the perfect examples of that. They work to live, not live to work. Just like your dad, Dr. Huxtable knew how to have fun and get down. He also knew how to kick back and relax with a sandwich. Similar to Dr. Huxtable, your dad worked hard to get to the point where he has time to enjoy life and he’ll expect hard work from you. Try to get off easy? You’re gonna get “the look.”

4. Ned Stark

Ned Stark (Sean Bean)

Ahhh, the alpha dad. Ned Stark was the king of the castle and real protector. You know you’re the daughter of a Ned Stark if he showed you how to use his shotgun before you even went to middle school. A little rough around the edges? Sure. But, if anyone took your father away from you, your fierce loyalty would lead you to seek the ultimate revenge. (In a “What kind of daughter are you?” quiz, you’d be Arya Stark.)

5. Archie Bunker

Archie Bunker

Much like Archie Bunker, your dad works/worked hard to support his family. If you’re his kid, he’d do anything to take care of your needs. There is one downfall to Archie and your dad, though: They were most likely raised in a time when racism was more “accepted” than it is now. Your dad is great, but you probably want to make sure your boyfriend/girlfriend is properly in love with you before you let dad meet them. We also suggest a few Hail Marys if said significant other is a different race from you or, God forbid, in a different political party.

6. Don Draper

Don Draper

Sally may not see her dad very often, but she knows he’ll do his best to get what she wants. Need to go to a private school to escape her crazy a**ed mother? He’ll get her there. Need tickets to a concert? He’ll take full advantage of his connections to get her into the best seats. Don and your father will connive to get what their daughter wants. But, they’re often the same way when going after their own personal and professional desires. Chances are that during your time with a Draper-like dad, you’ve witnessed some less-than-fatherly behavior.

We’re sorry if your dad is a Don Draper or Archie Bunker. We’re sure that makes for a lot of uncomfortable situations. On the bright side, at least your pops doesn’t wear Cosby sweaters? Every dad has his embarrassing quirks, but most dads would do anything for their kids. Make sure you show ’em a little love in return.

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