Handmade Irish cream St. Patrick’s Day recipe

Mint Irish cream shots

Mint Irish Cream Shots

I’ll preface this by saying I don’t normally (or practically ever) add food coloring to anything, except on St. Patrick’s Day! I know it’s not by any stretch a healthy ingredient, but sometimes, well, you just need to up the fun factor. I confess, I’m guilty of making green milk for my kids one year to go with a box of Lucky Charms. OK, so back to our mint shots!


Mint Irish Cream Shots

One drop (for the whole batch) of green food coloring is all that was needed to turn this homemade Irish cream into a party shot. Also add a drop of mint extract and a garnish of fresh mint — I grow mine right outside the front door so it’s always handy.


Irish cream gift bottles

If you want to gift a bottle of this, I’m sure any friend, Irish or not, would appreciate it. Just pour it into smaller containers (this is an old vinegar bottle), add a gift tag and it’s ready for delivery.

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get crafty

Make these gift tags and this cutting board!

Wood disk gift tags

Painted cutting board

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