15 Gifts to make Mom’s life easier

Apr 29, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET

The best gifts for Mother's Day make Mom's life easier. Here are 15 picks for mothers in all different life stages to help them get through their day with a little less hassle.


Style & Go® Hair Care Valet

Has the mom in your life ever mentioned that it's a real pain to drag the hair dryer, curling iron and straightener out of the cabinet every day? Maybe she doesn't even bother putting them away and they clutter up the bathroom counter. The Style & Go Hair Care Valet looks like a medicine cabinet, but holds all of those gizmos (and provides power) in one streamlined location. (QVC, $120)


Fourth Love leggings

This gift is one of the higher-priced on the list, but it also surpasses what mom is used to when it comes to biking with baby. Other bikes require mom to pull baby, while the Taga Bike puts baby in front of the amazing convertible bicycle-to-stroller combination for added safety and security, as well as quality baby time. Additional options available.  (Tagabikes, $1,495)


Shermergency® Kit

The Shemergency Kit comes with everything a lady might need in a real emergency. We're talking about 40 items to fix beauty blunders, little personal catastrophes and fashion faux pas all wrapped up in a lovely brushed silver pouch. This is a dream! (PinchProvisions, $35)



The best wine isn't always available at the local store as she likes it — chilled. Bring in the Corkcicle.ONE. Mom gets home with her wine, opens the freezer and unleashes the power of chill. The ONE also offers convenient pouring so she doesn't have to keep taking it in and out. The ultimate chill. (Corkcicle, $50)



"Where are my sunglasses?" She'll never have to wonder again with the help of the Doorganizer. The biggest challenge will be remembering to use it. Get the flaming red color — at the very least it'll serve as a reminder to use it the next time she goes through the door! (MonkeyBusiness, $15)


Sense Mother

Are your mom's eyes in the front and back of her head not enough? Introducing Sense Mother. Place sensors on whatever she needs monitored and through an application she'll be able to keep an eye on just about anything. Big Mama is watching — and she's the only other mother she'll ever need. (Sen.se, $222)


USB bracelet

Mom will never be without her important information again. Or, if she's an international spy, she'll be able to download a hard drive on the fly with an 8 GB USB bracelet or necklace. It's for the artsy techie you love so much. (Etsy, $35)


4 in 1 teery towel

What new mother could use an apron, a baby towel, a baby bath wrap and a baby wrap all in one? All mothers, that's who. That's why there's aacua, the four-in-one terry towel. It looks just as good on mommy as it does on baby. (maamam, $42)


Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

Mom likes the vintage look, but she can have only so many knickknacks taking up counter space. Buy her something useful, like this set of Milk Bottle Measuring Cups from Anthropologie. Just do it because they're cute. (Anthropologie, $24)



Get mom a Birchbox subscription. Save her time running in and out of stores looking for all of the latest and greatest beauty arrivals, because the box will introduce her to products by delivering them to her front door. Plus, she'll remember how great you are every time she opens it. Win-win! (Birchbox, $30-$200)


cordless electric kettle

Until she's used a cordless electric kettle, she doesn't know what she's been missing. Electric kettles heat water faster than the microwave and are safe and pretty too. This glass kettle from Ovente is particularly stunning — all of her friends will be jealous. (Amazon, $40)


Click 'N Dig

Sunglasses and pens aren't the only things mom has time trouble keeping around? With the Click 'N Dig! she can track six items. Maybe if you're nice and live in the same house, she'll even help you find your keys with her nifty search device. You could get lucky! (Amazon, $40)


Dinner of the Month Club

The Dinner of the Month Club saves one day of the month when mom doesn't have to think about what to prepare for dinner. If you know of someone special (ahem!) who wants to cook it for her, that would be even better, don't you think? (AmazingClubs, $72-$264)


Lionheart FlexiBath

New mom isn't comfortable bathing baby in the bathtub and doesn't like using the sink? This Prince Lionheart FlexiBath is the perfect size for baby and folds up flat for travel. It's cute, convenient and carefree. (Diapers, $44)


You know what mom loves and can't find the time to do? Read. So gift her the joy of reading without the hassle with a subscription to Audiobooks. (Audiobooks, $15-$75)

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