Fruit-filled Mother’s Day brunch menu

Apr 29, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET

Your mother spent a good portion of her life taking care of you, so treat her this Mother's Day to a homemade brunch. Invite the whole family.

Family eating brunch on Mothers day

Mom has probably been begging you to eat your fruits and vegetables since day one. Let's give her what she wants this year. We've rounded up some scrumptious fruity recipes we know your mom will love so that you don't have to plan a thing.

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Fruit-filled Mother’s Day brunch menu: Drinks

  1. The strawberry watermelon cocktail is not only refreshing and simple to make, but it tastes just as good virgin as it does with alcohol. Make both versions so all of the guests can enjoy this fruity drink — just make sure to clearly label the pitchers.
  2. Two mouth-watering flavors combine for this blackberry basil margarita. Just smoosh, combine and pour the ingredients over ice.
  3. Be careful, because a tasty raspberry, peach, almond and pine nut smoothie could almost double as a meal. Offer small glasses so nobody's tummy gets too full.
  4. Take mom to paradise with a papaya, pineapple and ginger cooler. This trip to the islands is another that can be virgin or alcoholic, and both ways are delicious.
  5. Here's a new twist on a traditional drink. The mint and citrus-infused pina colada adds a dash of orange juice that makes the fruity favorite an ideal accompaniment for a Mother's Day brunch.

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Starters and sides

Fruit-filled Mother’s Day brunch menu: Starters and sides

  1. The strawberry basil quinoa salad with champagne vinaigrette combines healthy ingredients on top of a spinach base for a simply lovely dish full of spring flavors.
  2. Chilled strawberry soup is a dish unlike anything else on your menu. It provides a healthy option for someone who prefers not to eat leafy greens.
  3. Sweet fruit, wrapped in cheese and bacon? Yes, please! No brunch menu is complete without these Gorgonzola-stuffed pears with prosciutto.
  4. You'll love the balsamic strawberry bruschetta from the first, crunchy bite. The basil and goat cheese are delightful toppings.
  5. There can never be enough salad, and this one is surprisingly simple, delicious and good for you. The raw kale and grapefruit salad will be a great opportunity to introduce those not already in the know to the wonders of kale.

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The main event

Fruit-filled Mother’s Day brunch menu: Main course

  1. Cherries aren't just for pies and cobblers! In this case, the other white meat is going red with our cherry pork chops recipe. It won't be too sweet with the leeks and balsamic vinegar to keep the taste in check.
  2. What's brunch without at least one egg dish? The country-style bacon, apple and cheese egg bake cunningly combines three ordinary ingredients into one crowd-pleasing casserole.
  3. Grilled pork soft tacos with spicy avocado mango salsa call for grilled pork, but if you don't have a grill handy, pan-fried pork will work just as easily and taste as good.
  4. The crab and mango sliders bring a little southern taste to the meal with a touch of Old Bay seasoning and jalapeno peppers. The mango cools the heat of the peppers to the right degree.
  5. Our raspberry balsamic chicken has a glaze that's mild but tangy enough to add a punch to ordinary chicken breasts.

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Fruit-filled Mother’s Day brunch menu: Dessert

  1. Not everyone can indulge in dairy and grains, and the paleo blueberry crisp is a tasty dessert that allows even those with dietary restrictions to indulge.
  2. Pamper your mother with a decadent Italian dessert. Vanilla panna cotta with cherry and brandy sauce fulfills those with a love of all things creamy while still delivering a healthy dose of fruit.
  3. What can you get with strawberries and the juices of a lemon and a lime? Our milk-free strawberry gelato. With minimal ingredients you can impress with this recipe based on a 200-year-old Italian classic!
  4. Another option sure to make your brunch a success is the peach Melba parfait. Poached peaches and raspberry sauce are difficult to pass by.
  5. The avocado and blueberry swirled smoothie is stunning in both taste and presentation. It's a perfect ending to a beautiful brunch.
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