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Apr 29, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET

Mother’s Day is meant to be a time for the world to stop and recognize the love and sacrifice moms provide for their family every day. If you don’t have a Mother’s Day tradition, now is a good time to start one. The mother in your life needs one day to feel like the world has stopped just for her. If you need some inspiration, check out these cool traditions from around the world.

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inspiration from around the world

Mother’s Day is a time for the world recognize the love and sacrifice moms provide for their families every day. If you don’t have a Mother’s Day tradition, time to start one. If you need some inspiration, check out these cool traditions from around the world.

Adopt a mom

An Australian woman by the name of Janet Heyden is credited for starting Mother’s Day, as it is known today, back in the early 1920s. The story goes that Mrs. Heyden went to a state home for women where she met many mothers who were alone and forgotten. She decided to rally the community, especially the children, to honor these women every year with gifts and flowers. This Mother’s Day, start your own tradition of finding a mother who could use a little bit of encouragement and do as they do "down under" by gifting your time to honor her.

Pamper, pamper, pamper!

The Belgians get it. Their Mother’s Day tradition must have been started by a mother or a very smart husband. Belgian mothers enjoy a day spent in bed being pampered by their men with sweet treats and breads. Who doesn’t like to carb-load when they are still in their pajamas? Children spend time in school making gifts to present to their mother first thing in the morning. Take a tip from the Belgians and show you love her with crafts and croissants. She will savor the sweet Mother’s Day tradition.

Nepal: Take a trip

A Mother’s Day tradition in Nepal takes families on a pilgrimage to sacred ponds that are said to show the face of mothers who have passed away. While sacred ponds may be hard to find, consider taking a trip each Mother’s Day that is meaningful to the mother you are honoring. She will love the thought put into the trip.

Treat her like a queen

In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of a famous queen. A royal-themed Mother’s Day is a perfect tradition to show how much you love your mother. Make it a day fit for her: Incorporate bright colors and lights, and gather people together to show their respect. The mother in your life will love the attention you pay to the details on her special day.

Shower her with flowers

In the Netherlands, Mother’s Day was publicized by The Royal Dutch Society for Horticulture and Botany. The group wanted Dutch florists to capitalize on the holiday like they saw florists doing in America. Mother’s Day is thus synonymous with Flowers Day in the Netherlands. Even if the day started as a way to sell flowers, you don’t see any moms complaining! Flowers are a wonderful way to show you are thinking of your mom.

Celebrate all women

Many Western European countries adopted a form of Mother’s Day during WWII to honor all women and the important roles they played during the war. In some areas, gifts were given to sisters, daughters and co-workers to show appreciation for their contribution. Perhaps this year you should make a point to celebrate a woman other than your mother and make her feel special for the wisdom she added to your life.

Leave it to the kids

A popular tradition in the U.S. is to give children freedom to choose how to celebrate mom on her special day. Sarah Jones, a mom from Kansas, encourages her son to shop for something he thinks she would really enjoy. Sarah says, “I want to teach him the importance of giving.”  However, with freedom comes mom's willingness to forgo something she may really want. For Sarah her most memorable Mother’s Day gift from her son came when he was 7. She remembers: “Ethan grabbed the [gift] bag and forced me to open it; he was so excited about what he had found! I opened the bag and pulled out a 24-inch plastic cross with cheap, hard plastic brightly colored flowers all over it. He said, "It's a Jesus cross with flowers!" He had picked it out from the display set out for Memorial Day. It was a marker for a grave.” Sometimes, it's the thought that counts!

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