Valentine’s Day drinks: What your cocktail says about you

It’s the most romantic day of the year, so celebrate! But before you order that cocktail, learn what your drink of choice says about your Valentine’s Day status.



“I’m a guy’s girl.”

Beer and Bite cocktail

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Ladies beware: This cocktail of choice may keep you forever in the friend zone.

Try a new spin on a beer with our beer and bite cocktail.



“It’s a girl’s world and you just live in it.”

Eat Yourself Skinny

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Women who order beeritas likely have a bachelorette pad and enjoy Valentine’s Day with their BFF instead of a boring ol’ dinner date with their guy.

Turn Valentine’s Day into a fiesta with these party-worthy beeritas.


Tequila shots

“I just broke up with my man and I’m here to get drunk.”

Tequila lime pie shooters

Begin your night with tequila shots and the “V” in V Day won’t stand for Valentine’s, it will stand for vomit.

Make something a bit sweeter for your V-Day cocktail with these sweet tequila lime shooters.



“I’m having a Bachelor marathon in my PJs.”


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Tonight, it’s just you and the margarita machine.

If you’re going to have one, you might as well make it a special Valentine’s Day margarita.


Rum & coke

“I’m afraid to try new things.”

rum and coke float

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This simple cocktail makes you look boring and bland.

Take a baby step out of your comfort zone with this rum and coke float.


Red wine

“I’m single and I have a cat.”

Wine Spritzer

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If you’re drinking red wine, you’re probably on a date with yourself.

Enjoy a light version with a red wine spritzer.



“I’m climbing the corporate ladder and I’m ready to party.”

All American Sweetheart cocktail

The martini shows your maturity and that you also know how to have fun.

Check out our fun menu of Valentine’s martini recipes.


Sex on the beach

“It’s the third date, hint hint.”

Want to take it to the next level with your man? Order this drink so he’ll get the hint.

Make it a night to remember with a sex on the beach martini.



“I enjoy techno music, blind dates and twerking.”

Girls who drink kamikazes live on the wild side.

Show your eccentricity with a blue kamikaze cocktail.



“Yeah, I have a boyfriend this year!”

 Mixed berry vodka spritzers

Last year, you may or may not have been single, so this year, you’re going to celebrate having a reason to milk Valentine’s Day for all that it’s worth.

Add a kick to your standard Champagne, and show the world you are happily taken with these mixed berry vodka spritzers.



“I’m happily married with four kids and a mortgage.”

Prosecco mojito

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Women who like to enjoy a mojito are settled down and comfortable having a date at their home dinner table.

Take your time mixing the perfect drink with this Prosecco mojito and other skinny cocktails.


Jello shots

“I am single and ready to mingle!”

Jell-O Mousse-tini

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If you’re doing jello shots this Valentine’s Day, you might as well just scream, “I need a man!”

Get jiggy with it with jiggly jelly cocktails.

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