Prep your bar for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is almost here, and you’ve got enough on your plate, what with the bead gathering and mask designing and gumbo making. Let us help you prep your Mardi Gras bar while you sit back, relax and drink a chilled hurricane.




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Any Mardi Gras party would be remiss without a whole lot of hurricanes (and a whole lot of rum). Try this classic hurricane recipe, serve your drink in these neon glasses (eTundra, $78 for two dozen), and float around your soiree with a smug smile that says, “Look how easy it is to throw a Mardi Gras party.”


Strawberry daiquiris

Strawberry Daiquiris

The strawberry daiquiri is a standard on Bourbon Street, and it’s easy to see why. Strawberries, lemon and lime, and lots and lots of ice: What’s not to love? Try this recipe for a pitcher of slushy daiquiris and add some Mardi Gras ice cubes (read: light-up neon ice cubes!) (Windy City Novelties, $9 for four) to the mix for an exceptionally festive time.


Vegan Mardi Gras punch

Vegan Mardi Gras Punch

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If you need a drink for the vegan/child/adult in your life who loves ginger ale, try this vegan Mardi Gras punch and please the crowd. Serve it with these unique Mardi Gras napkins and take a bow on your way out (Amazon, $5).


Brandy milk punch

Brandy Milk Punch

There’s a whole lot of brandy in this Southern punch drink, which is why we’re sure you’ll love it. Pair your punch with these beaded coasters and call the whole thing a French Quarter special, and you’ve outdone your hosting duties (Goodsmiths, $30 for four).


Flambeaux mambo

Flambeaux Mambo and gumbo

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This fiery cocktail (which contains Tabasco!) is spicy and original and shows your guests that you don’t just follow Mardi Gras trends, you set them. Serve it with a side of spicy gumbo for extra pizzazz.

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