New Year’s megalist: 100 New things to try this year

It’s a new year, so why not do some new things? From hobbies to bucket list items, we’ve got you covered with 100 new ventures to try out in 2014.

New Year's Mega-List: 100 New things to try this year

10 New hobbies to try

Woman on geoache hunt

Take a sewing class

It’s a great hobby to learn and have on hand to save money and to have fun. Find a class near you.


A classic game, it would almost be a waste not to learn how to play.

Ballroom dancing

If you didn’t learn for your wedding, now would be a great time. Take your hubby or learn all on your lonesome.


Pinterest loves doing awesome things with reclaimed wood. Follow your favorite blogger’s tutorial, or sign up for a class to learn the right technique.

Board games

Board games certainly are not new, but playing them once a week with family or friends could be new to you. There are a ton of new hits out there, like Ticket to Ride, Wits and Wagers, and the classic favorites checkers and Monopoly. You can sometimes find these favorites at local thrift stores.


If you enjoyed hide and seek as a child, you’ll love geocaching. Using objects instead of people, other players hide objects around the globe for you to find.

Home brewing

No, we’re not talking coffee. Learn how to brew your own wine, cider or beer with a book or online tutorial.

Complete a list

There are tons of lists out there: top movies of all time, albums, bestsellers, etc. Grab one and start to check things off!


Were you an all-star player in high school or college? Return to your love of the game by volunteering to coach a local youth team. Some gigs may even pay you for your time.

Join a group

There is a near limitless selection of groups for you to join: book clubs, choirs, exercise groups, etc. Find one that you haven’t tried before, and join in.

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