Bloggers share their favorite holiday traditions

Nov 25, 2013 at 7:24 p.m. ET

Christmas is all about traditions. These bloggers let us in on some of their favorites.

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Make the holidays special

Christmas is all about traditions. These bloggers let us in on some of their favorites.

Chances are, you've got a tradition for this special time of the year.

Maybe they're traditions you've carried on from your own childhood, or maybe they're new ones you've started with your own family. Either way, they make the holidays fun for you and your family, giving you something to look forward to every year.

Unfortunately, traditions also have a way of adding an extra layer to an already stressful time of year. Follow along as these bloggers tell us how to survive with our traditions still intact — and how to have fun while you're at it.


Make traditions your own

Audrey McClelland shares her holiday traditions

Blogger Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations has a Christmas tree decorating tradition she treasures that she has continued from her own childhood. She started it when he first child was just 3 months old, and nine years later, still starts her season off this way with all five of her children.

"It's these moments. It's these traditions that mean so much," writes Audrey. "I want my sons to do the same thing with their families someday, and smile knowing that they did the same growing up, too."


Keep your cool

Danielle Smith shares her holiday traditions

Danielle Smith of Extraordinary Mommy has a ton of holiday traditions she holds dear. Unfortunately, that's a lot of special moments to cram into the few weeks leading up to Christmas. While many of us are freaking out about making it all fit, Danielle is relaxed and smiling.

"It is impossible for everything to be perfect… You aren't aiming for perfection — you want memories. And you are creating them with the people you love," she reminds us.

Danielle also says it is important to just have fun and be in the moment, something that can easily be spoiled by watching the clock and checking schedules.

"Those moments that your children believe, embrace them. Open that inner-Santa — give more, thank more, love more, be more. Your small people don't do as you say, they do as you do," she added.


Be ready for anything

Kat Booska shares her holiday traditions

Even the most special holiday traditions are easily soured by a brokenhearted child who can't play with her favorite Christmas gift. Kat Bouska from Mama's Losin' It knows it can happen.

"The only thing worse than counting down the days until Christmas and waiting up all night for Santa is probably opening a gift you longed for only to find you weren't actually going to be able to play with it," she writes on her blog.

Since then, she keeps a hearty stash of Energizer batteries on hand throughout the holidays. She refers to it as "post-traumatic battery collection disorder."


We want to know! What's your favorite holiday tradition? Share in the comments below!

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