Wintertime interior decor ideas

The temperatures are getting chillier, and fall is quickly turning into winter. As we celebrate the changing of the seasons, it’s time to spruce up the decor in our house to reflect that of nature. Here are some ways to decorate your house for winter this year.

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There’s a briskness in the air, and it’s easy to see that winter is coming. Changing the decor in our home comes with the changing of the seasons, so it’s getting to be time to put away the pumpkins and break out the snowflakes. Wintertime is an extremely festive time of year, and your home can help make the holiday season that much brighter with a few simple changes and additions. Here are some ways you can decorate your house for winter this year.


Add some lights

Adding lights to both the inside and the outside of your home is one tried-and-true way to bring in the winter season. Lights add to the festivity of the season and can make any home feel warm and cozy. Whether you stick with traditional white lights or go all-out with the colored variety, your home will look fantastic. If you’re really ambitious, there are battery-operated light fixtures you can put up in your yard or home.


Embrace glitter

Adding decorations that have some glitter on them helps to bring winter indoors by mimicking the sparkle of snow in the sunlight. There are beautiful silver-beaded pillows you can add to your couch or bedroom to bring the sparkle in as well as decorations that are lightly frosted with their own glitz. When done right, glitter can be a glamorous and festive addition to your home.


Repurpose old things

Taking stock of the things you have and revamping them for the holidays is a great way to decorate. Have an empty photo frame? Print out the lyrics to your favorite holiday songs and put the frame on your mantel. If you have an old sled you’re no longer using, you can set up a nice scene on your front porch.


Get crafty

With sites like Pinterest, it’s easy to find some holiday decor ideas that you can make yourself or get your kids involved with. Making something like a holiday wreath at home can save you money, but it also allows you to customize your creation to match the rest of your home. There is no shortage of things you can do!

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