Top 10 hilarious holiday pranks

We all like a good laugh to lighten up the stressful holiday season. These holiday-themed pranks are so clever, they’ll leave you rolling on the floor.


Awkward mistletoe

Mistletoe has been used since the 18th century as a symbol of Christmas decoration, and custom suggests two people standing underneath the small plant must share a kiss. This Christmas you can play a prank on unsuspecting strangers by walking around with mistletoe, urging people to share a smooch with you!

Check out this video of people walking around Salt Lake City approaching strangers, asking for smooches!


Scary snowman

For the holiday season, an anonymous person dresses up in a snowman disguise and surprises unsuspecting pedestrians by moving suddenly. The reactions this brings are very entertaining and range from slightly alarmed yelps to shocked jumps and screamed expletives.

Before checking out the video below, be aware of the strong language used by scared pedestrians.


Disappointing gifts

Popular late-night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers to play a Christmas prank by wrapping unexciting gifts and giving them to their children, and then sharing their videos. The reactions Kimmel and his viewers got are priceless!

Check out the video below.


Stolen candy

Jimmy Kimmel also asked parents to play a prank on their kids during the Halloween holiday. Check out this video of kids’ reactions as they discover their parents ate all of their trick-or-treating loot.

These kids must really have wanted their candy!


Shaken gift syndrome

Do you have a friend who shakes the box of every gift they’re given to find out what it is before they open it? Or do you want to scare your kids so they don’t snoop for Christmas gifts before Christmas? Check out this DIY video on how to set up motion activation for a sound coming from the box so that every time the box is shaken, an unexpected sound comes out.


Gift wrapped… everything!

You can play this prank on any unsuspecting victim, either at work or at home. You’ll need some expendable time and a lot of gift-wrapping materials.

Check out this video of an entire home being gift wrapped. And check out his reaction!


Mysterious leprechauns and rainbows

Use washable acrylic paint in rainbow colors to surprise your friend on their next car ride, like this!

Mysterious Leprechauns and Rainbows

Photo Source: tumblr via plastichandelier

Valentine’s Day gone wrong

Adapt this willful attitude on Valentine’s Day and surprise a few strangers by saying you’re there for an unexpected blind date. Their reactions will be hilarious. Check out this guy’s attempt!


Shrunken turkey

Play this prank on your family the day of Thanksgiving. After they’ve been slaving away in the kitchen for hours, surprise the hard-working chef with a shrunken turkey by swapping the real turkey with a Cornish hen!

The mom in this video surprised her son. Watch and enjoy!

Shrunken turkey prank


Turkey hunting

Get dressed up to go turkey hunting with your best friend, and surprise random people in public places by making them think the pseudo turkey hunting experience is happening right in front of them in an unexpected setting!

These guys sure got some priceless responses!

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