Kid-friendly crafts for Kwanzaa

Nov 27, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us. Whether you want to keep your kids busy, want to have a fun way to educate your youngsters about the practices of Kwanzaa or simply want to commemorate the special holiday, making these crafts is the perfect pastime!


Cute holiday Kwanzaa candle

All you need to make this candle is a toilet paper tube, printer and your imagination! This easy-to-make candle will bring light to your Kwanzaa festivities.

Kwanzaa candle

Photo credit: DLTK Growing Together

Decorative Kwanzaa bead candles

These bead candles are a creative way to incorporate the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Have fun making a decorative craft while learning the culture of Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa bead candle

Photo credit: Spoonful


Egg carton kinara

Enjoy making a festive ode to tradition with the colorful kinara. The colors represent the people (black), their struggles (red) and the future (green).

Egg carton Kinara

Photo credit: Spoonful

Kwanzaa noodle necklace

Did you love making macaroni noodle necklaces as a kid? Then you'll love making the Kwanzaa noodle necklace! Just grab some paint and pasta noodles and take a trip down memory lane.

Noodle necklace

Photo credit: Activity Village

Kwanzaa hat

Making a hat is now easier than ever. All you'll need is craft foam, tacky glue, clothespins, scissors and any decorations you wish to add.

Creative Kwanzaa hat

Photo credit: Free Kids Crafts

Kwanzaa hand wreath

A perfect way to commemorate the African-American heritage and culture is with a Kwanzaa wreath.

Kwanzaa hand wreath

Photo credit: Scholastic

Decorative flag garland

This DIY project is sure to get the kids excited for Kwanzaa! The flag represents the symbolic colors of the holiday and is an adorable decoration to add in the house.

Decorative flag garland

Photo credit: Spoonful

Kwanzaa chain

Looking for a unique way to teach your children the traditions of Kwanzaa? Make a chain with them that displays black, red and green colors as well as the seven principles of Kwanzaa.

Seven princples of Kwanzaa chain

Photo credit: Free Kids Crafts

Beaded Kwanzaa bracelets

An easy and fun way to show Kwanzaa pride and share it with your children is by making beaded bracelets. All you need are green, red and black beads, along with some string.

Beaded Kwanzaa bracelets

Photo credit: Yahoo! Voices

Kwanzaa paper family

Be closer than ever to your kids by showing them the importance of family — what better opportunity is there than Kwanzaa? Creating a paper family is sure to be a great time to bond.

Kwanzaa paper family centerpiece

Photo credit: TLC

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