5 Extremely odd Halloween search trends

Oct 29, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. ET

When we saw a recent survey from Tada.com, it caused our heads to turn. Check out these outrageous searches that are trending this Halloween season. What exactly is a sexy bacon costume?

Image source: Tada.com

Have you ever wondered what it might take to dress up like a sexy elephant for Halloween? Apparently, some people have. But, as we sat scratching our heads, we decided to put it to the test. What exactly pulls up when these terms are entered into a Google search? Let's find out.


Sexy bacon costume

No one can resist bacon — it goes with everything!

Slutty bacon costume


Sexy elephant costume

Elephants never forget, and with these costumes you will never forget the elephant.

Sexy elephant costume


Costume from the dead for kids

It's only natural that zombies come out on Day of the Dead!

Costumes from the dead for kids


Cougar Halloween costume

These costumes are great when you are on the prowl for a certain someone.

Cougar Halloween costume


Sexy maternity Halloween costume

Halloween isn't just for kids. You can dress up and have fun at any time!

Sexy maternity Halloween costumes

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