Time travel this Halloween: The Free Birds costume guide

Oct 25, 2013 at 5:15 p.m. ET

We're going back in time this holiday season with Free Birds, a new animated comedy starring Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler. In the film, two turkeys must team up to travel back in time to change the course of history — and get turkey off the Thanksgiving menu for good! Though we can't give you their time machine, we can give you the next best thing — a Free Birds-inspired costume guide for every decade.

Free birds

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1920s: The flapper

1920's: The Flapper

Grab your mother's old pearls and your best feather boa, and travel back to the Roaring '20s this Halloween! To get the look, check your favorite vintage shop to see if they have any fringed dresses and T-strap shoes. Or if you're in a pinch for time, you can purchase the whole costume.

1930s: The screen siren

1930's: The Screen Siren

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Nostalgic for the glamour and elegance of old Hollywood? Why not dress as a 1930s screen siren this Halloween? Think Jean Harlow with the dramatic makeup and figure-flattering, slinky dresses. Get the look with a long, form-fitting dress, opera gloves if you have them and dark lipstick. You'll be the classiest beauty in the room! For some DIY makeup tips, check out a tutorial on YouTube.


1940s: The WWII army gal

1940's: The WWII Army Gal

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Support the troops this Halloween and travel back to the 1940s, where swing dancing and big band jazz were all the rage! You'll look fabulous in this military inspired costume that celebrates your inner pinup girl. This sultry costume is sure to boost the troops' morale. You can purchase a budget-friendly costume.

1950s: The sock hop girl

1950's: The Sock Hop Girl

Learn to jitterbug and dance the night away with this look inspired by the 1950s. All you'll need are a snug cardigan, cat-eye glasses, the poodle skirt  (of course) and saddle shoes. It'll be a simple way to pay homage to the era of rock and roll — and you'll look great doing it! For some DIY tips, check Pinterest, or purchase the whole costume. (Women's 50's Hop with Poodle Skirt Costume, Amazon.com, $22)

1960s: The hippie

1960's: The Hippie

Get your flower power on this Halloween and rewind to the '60s, where anything goes! With this simple costume, you can transform yourself into a flower child using bright colors, peace signs and all things fringe. Purchase your hippie costume, or dig through the very back of your parents' closets — chances are you'll be able to find something they wore back in the day when they were the hip ones. Lookin' groovy! (Peace Out Hippie Costume, Costumecraze.com, $47)

1970s: The disco enthusiast

1970's: The Disco-Lovin Enthusiast

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Recreate the 1970s, the most sparkly decade of the century, and transform yourself into a dancing queen! For this look, your brightest, shiniest and most sequined clothes are the way to go — and your highest go-go boots are a must. Think ABBA meets Saturday Night Fever, and you're all set! Afro wigs are optional!

1980s: The Jane Fonda

1980's: The Jane Fonda

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Who doesn't love a Jane Fonda aerobics tape? Celebrate the '80s this Halloween with an over-the-top aerobics-inspired costume, and grab those leg warmers and bodysuits you've been itching to find an excuse to wear! Neon colors are a must, and remember — when it comes to hair, the bigger the better. You can purchase leg warmers in a few funky colors at American Apparel.

1990s: The pop star1990's: The Popstar

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Britney Spears, baby! It seems like only yesterday we were rocking out to "Baby One More Time." The '90s saw the rise of the female pop star, and Britney started it all off. This Halloween, bring out your inner pop princess and grab Brit's iconic schoolgirl look. All you need to rock this '90s costume is a white button down, a short skirt and super cute pigtail braids! Check out what you'll need on Pinterest to get the look.

Head back in time

This Halloween, travel back to the '90s, the '50s, the '20s and more — and don't forget to check out Free Birds, in theaters Nov. 1.

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