20 Gifts for the tech lover in your family

The good thing about having a tech lover on your holiday gift list is that there is no shortage of awesome high-tech gifts and gadgets on the market. These 20 gifts just scratch the surface!


Flo TVs personal television

For the television lover who just can’t live without his or her programming for even a few hours, get the Flo TVs personal television. It allows for constant streaming of live sports, movies, news and network channels. It even has a smartphone version (Flo TVs, $200).

Flo TV personal television


Virtual keyboard

Virtual keyboard from Brookstone

Who needs to tote around a physical keyboard to attach to their smartphone or notebook when there’s a virtual keyboard. With Brookstone’s virtual keyboard, which connects via Bluetooth, any flat surface becomes your personal keyboard (Brookstone, $100).


LED shoelaces

LED shoelaces

These high-tech LED shoelaces bring tennis shoes into the 21st century! At less than $6 a pair, these are perfect stocking stuffers for your techie kids or the fitness junkie in your life who loves to go on night runs (Amazon, $6).




Aiptek’s i20 MobileCinema turns watching videos on your iPhone into a group activity by projecting high-resolution graphic presentations and movies onto a screen up to 50 inches wide (Walmart, $129).


Fitbit Flex

Flexbands by Fitbit

The Fitbit Flex is a little wristband that tracks the number of steps you take, monitors your daily distance and calories burned, tracks your sleep cycle and even has an alarm to wake you for your morning exercise (Fitbit, starting at $100).



Slingbox products

The Slingbox allows your beloved techie to control and view programs from his home television on his laptop, smartphone or tablet (Slingbox, starting at $179).



Jambox speakers

Jambox bucks the notion that mini speakers for smartphones and tablets aren’t any good. This speaker design packs high-quality sound into a sleek little box available in many colors (Jawbone, $150).




Does the techie in your life have trouble keeping a handle on her valuables — you know, like her keys and her smartphone? Proximo “tags” up to five items so she can track and locate them, whether she simply forgot they were in her pocket or she left them behind at a restaurant (Kensington, $60 for starter kit plus $25 for each additional “tag”).


E-book jackets

eBook jacket cover

Does the high-tech reader in your life still long for the “good old-fashioned” book covers of yesteryear? Out of Print makes covers from real book board and cloth for the 7-inch Kindle Fire, iPad, Nexus 7 and Kobo Glo (Out of Print, $30 to $50).


Beats headphones

Beats headphones

For the serious music lover in your life, Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones deliver seriously high-quality music streamed from a laptop, smartphone, TV or any other Bluetooth-enabled device, and they do it without the mess of headphone cords (Beats by Dr. Dre, from $200).


Solar-powered keyboard

Solar keyboard by Logitech

Logitech’s K760 wireless solar keyboard for Mac computers and accessories is so powerful that when fully charged, it can last for three months in total darkness (Logitech, $80).


Coloud Pops

earbuds by Coloud

Coloud Pops earbuds have a microphone on the cord so users can answer phone calls while listening to music. Plus, they come in a variety of fun colors (Coloud, $25).




Both female and male tech lovers will love the Speck Products WanderFolio tablet case. It has room for not only an iPad, Kindle or Kindle Fire but also cash, credit cards and travel documents (Amazon, $70).


Water-resistant tunes

Water-resistant speakers

For techies who love spending time in and around the water, the Braven BRV-1 5-inch, shockproof water-resistant Bluetooth speaker provides seemingly endless tunes (Braven, $150).


Toddy Gear Screensters

Screen cleaners by Toddy Gear

Tween and teen tech nerds will love these Screensters that hook into a key chain and, with their microfiber backs, keep screens shiny and residue free (Toddy Gear, $10).


Roku 3

Roku 3

Give the gift of direct broadband television and lightning-fast searches on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and more with Roku 3 (Roku, $100).


Pebble smart watch

Pebble smart watch

Possibly the world’s first commercial smart watch, Pebble connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and has apps all its own (Pebble, $150).


Polaroid instant print camera

Polaroid instant print camera

Polaroid has found a way to stay relevant in the 21st century with the 10-megapixel Instant Print Digital Camera Z2300W, which can also save digital copies of pictures to share on all your favorite social-media sites (Polaroid, $300).


Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi

Samsung Galaxy camera with WiFi

The Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi, a tiny handheld camera from Samsung, has the options of more expensive models, and it can also respond to voice commands and share images on Facebook or via email (Samsung, $450).


Little Printer

Berg Little Printer

Set up subscriptions through your smartphone, and Little Printer will gather them up and neatly present them to you in one miniature newspaper designed just for you (BERG Cloud, $219 plus cost of paper).

What’s Your favorite?

What is your favorite type of gift to receive? High-tech, handmade, food, drink, gift cards or cash? Tell us in the comments section below!

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