10 Adorable toddler Halloween costumes

Allow your toddler to be the adorable little human they were meant to be with these drool-worthy costume ideas. With DIY finds and store-bought goodies, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for Halloween.


Little Native American

Little Native American toddler costume
Photo credit: Dear Lillie

Perhaps the sweetest looking girl and costume on the planet, this little Native American can be a knock-off Pocahontas or just a little lady ready to powwow her night away. DIY this costume by creating a brown tutu and attaching some leather fringe and feathers.


Up and away

Toddler costume from UP
Photo credit: Auburn Soul Photography

Have a little man you need to dress up? Throw on some khakis, a plaid button down, dark-rimmed glasses and a DIY walker to turn him into the famous Carl from the Pixar movie Up.


E.T. phone home

E.T. costume

Photo credit: Chilinn via Tumblr

Dress up your little one as your favorite childhood movie with this simple DIY version of E.T. and his buddy Elliott. This is a simple costume, made up of a red hoodie, a bike with an attached basket and your very own E.T. doll.


Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace toddler costume

Photo credit: Costume Works

Grab a blue and white striped tee, red coveralls and a tow-headed boy to make the cutest Dennis the Menace on the block. Add a DIY slingshot for the full troublemaking scene.


Not your everyday Superman

Superman costume for toddler

Photo credit: ThinkGeek

With this simple costume with a huge impact, everyone will love your mini Clark Kent. Dress your little man in everyday clothes with a Superman shirt peeking out underneath. Turn a bib backwards or craft your own cape for an added element.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany's costume

Photo credit: atutudes via Etsy

Allow your little girl to be the diva that she is with this fabulous Audrey Hepburn costume. In this outfit favored by Lauren Conrad and Jessica Alba, your daughter will look just like the star she’s meant to be. (Etsy, $55)


The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Dorothy costume for toddler

Photo credit: peacelovecouture via Etsy

Mamas who love vintage will adore this Wizard of Oz-inspired tutu dress, another fabulous Etsy find. It’s sold with matching bows, so all you’ll need is a pair of fabulous ruby slippers. (Etsy, $54)


Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins costume for toddlers

Photo credit: Disney Store

You can hear the theme song whenever you think of the word “doc,” but why not keep your little girl happy by dressing her in her favorite stuffed-animal healing character? With every accessory included, you’ll only need some pink shoes to top off the outfit. (Disney Store, $30)


Soar up high

Dusty deluxe costume for toddler
Photo credit: Target

Boys and girls will love looking like a real-life airplane. This pull-over costume will be a favorite dress-up item all year long. (Target, $30)


Itty bitty pumpkin

Pumpkin costume for toddlers

Photo credit: Toys R Us

The pumpkin, a timeless and fail-safe costume, is sure to delight every Halloween season. Dressed up with tights or down with jeans, this is one pumpkin you’ll want all of the world to see. (Toys R Us, $22)

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