Controversial Halloween costumes for couples

Oct 21, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. ET

If your dynamic duo is looking to turn heads this Halloween in a costume that is both unique and risqué, then look no further. We've compiled interesting ideas for the couple who wants to stand out!


50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey Costume

Photo credit: Costume Works

In 2011, E.L James had audiences everywhere enthralled and enchanted by fictional characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. This evolving relationship between a college graduate and a young business magnate has proved to be so addicting that there are plans to have the novel adapted for the big screen come 2014. This Halloween you can take a fun, easy and literal twist on the book's title. All you'll need is to dress entirely in gray clothing and cover yourself however you'd like in gray paint samples, which are normally free at your local hardware store, like Home Depot or Lowe's.


Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke

Miley Cyrus and VMAs

Photo credit: Billboard

She has been in the headlines for months now. Between her controversial lyrics, her questionable wardrobe and her risqué music videos, Miley Cyrus is a prime example of child stars wanting to break free of their previously innocent stigmas. No one can forget her oh-so-memorable MTV performance at the 2013 VMAs with Robin Thicke. Cyrus ground, twerked and worked her tongue all over Thicke — who, we might add, is married. These antics are sure to make a Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke costume combo an instant hit! You can make a Miley look-alike costume by tying your hair in two top knots high on your head and choosing either a tiny dress or a crop top and shorts combo. (Be sure to stick your tongue outside of your head as much as possible.) For the guys, Pac Sun has tons of Beetlejuice-striped threads this season for you to check out!


A Pretty Little Liars spin-off

Pretty Little Liars

Photo credit: Ruffles & Sequins

For years we've been watching the proclaimed "family" channel endorse an inappropriate student-teacher relationship between Pretty Little Liars characters Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz. This Halloween, you can take that notorious relationship to the next level by having a teacher/naughty schoolgirl mash-up. Have your man dress in a suit and tie with some glasses and maybe carry a ruler. Meanwhile, you can try and find your best interpretation of a Britney Spears ensemble circa the "Baby, One More Time" days. Prepackaged schoolgirl outfits can be found at most Spirit Halloween stores!


A Walking Dead affair

Walking Dead

Photo credit: The Walking Dead Wiki

The average person may not understand at first, but if you're an avid Walking Dead fan, this is just the couples costume for you! In this popular AMC series, we are introduced to characters Shane, Rick and his wife, Lori. Under the false assumption that her husband, Rick, has died, Lori embarks in a scandalous affair with sheriff friend Shane. For this creepy and controversial costume, try dressing up as zombie versions of Shane and Lori — since both characters have died in the show. Head down to your local Goodwill or rip up some of your old clothes you don't wear anymore to achieve a the look of an undead zombie. You might even want to add a small pillow or some stuffing under your Lori costume to resemble the baby bump of her future, unborn zombie baby — who audiences are still unsure who fathered.

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