5 Simple steps to perfect your pirate Halloween costume

Check out this article for suggestions for sexy pirate and casual pirate costumes.

Sexy pirate

Sexy pirate costume

How cute is this mystery pirate costume (Party City, $50)? If you aren’t willing to spend a chunk of money on a costume that you’ll wear for one night, have no fear. SheKnows is here! Here are some items that you’ll need in order to make the sexiest pirate costume.


Bustier for pirate costume

These three bustiers would be perfect for the top of your sexy costume. They are cute and fun to wear — you can wear them over and over again, if you please. Choose from the black sweetheart bustier (Windsor, $27), red pirate corset (Party City, $25) and black faux leather corset (Windsor, $28).

Black skirt

Black skirts for Halloween costume

You can pair your bustier top with any type of skirt you feel comfortable with. I found these three to be cute, sexy and affordable. These skirts can be found at Windsor.com.


  1. Eye patch
  2. Gold hoop earrings
  3. Bandanna

Red ribbon

The ribbon is for you to wrap a bow around your waist as a belt, or you can even use it as bandanna for your head. It’s completely up to you on how you want to use it. Just get creative, and anything will look good.

Black shoes

The last part of the costume is entirely up to you. You can be comfortable and wear tall boots or some black flats, or you can stick to the sexy aspect of the costume and wear black heels or wedges.

Casual pirate

If you are not comfortable with dressing sexy for Halloween, but still want to be a pirate, check out some of the following items you might need to complete this look.


Casula pirate costume shirts

Any type of blouse will do, but there are some real pirate-style blouses that would work well for a casual look. You can find these blouses at your local Party City store, or one might be hanging around in your closet.

Striped pants

Casula pirate costume pants

These pants says pirate all over them! The cutouts and the strips are great for this costume. We found these red-and-black striped pants (Party City, $17) and black-and-white striped leggings (Windsor, $10). Since stripes are in for the fall season, you can definitely find suitable pants at any store you please.


Casual pirate costume accessories

  1. Eye patch
  2. Gold hoop earrings
  3. Bandanna

To get these accessories, check out Party City.


You need makeup to perfect the touches of your costume. Check out this video on how to do pirate makeup.

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