Thanksgiving disaster stories!

Everyone hopes, prays and crosses their fingers that Thanksgiving dinner turns out fantastic — or, at the very least, isn’t somehow ruined. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for these folks…

Woman upset over thnksgiving disaster

Turkey gone wrong…

Everyone hopes, prays and crosses their fingers that Thanksgiving dinner turns out fantastic — or, at the very least, isn’t somehow ruined. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for these folks.

Homemade gravy — gone

My first child was 5 months old when I decided to make gravy from scratch for the first time. I’m talking giblets, fresh herbs, stock… the whole shebang. After prepping ingredients/cooking for two days, the last step was to strain the gravy. So, with my new mom brain in full force, I strained the gravy — but forgot to put a bowl underneath the strainer. I hope the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink enjoyed it, because it went down the drain! That baby is 15 years old now, and every Thanksgiving since, my family still teases me about it. —Ami

A 53-pound turkey

A few years ago, my parents and some friends purchased a 53-pound turkey (yes, 53 pounds — bigger than my two kids combined!) for Thanksgiving. Knowing it was going to take a while to cook, they put it in the oven at 4 a.m. just in case. We typically eat Thanksgiving dinner at 2 p.m., but with no sign of the turkey being done anytime soon, my mom and I resorted to a premade turkey from the grocery store last minute. Talk about a total bust! The turkey ended up being done at 9 p.m., and since the guests had already gone home, we had leftovers for the next few months! —Sarah

The dinner that wasn’t

My mom bought a new house in early November. She invited us over to celebrate “in a big way” her first Thanksgiving in her new house. I offered to bring a pie or side dish, but she said she’d make everything. She wanted us there at 2 p.m., so our family came over at two, and she came to the front door with a paint-splattered shirt, holding a dripping paint roller. Her first words were, “Good, you can help me paint.” I said we were there to have a Thanksgiving dinner and she said, “I got too busy painting to cook. You don’t need to eat a big meal anyway. Come help me paint.” We left and went out for Chinese. —Silvana

The turkey that was roasted upside down

About 10 years ago, I decided to host the family and friends at my house after years of my sister doing the cooking. I roasted the turkey upside down and left all the neck inside… and I stuffed only one turkey cavity, not realizing it would be far too little stuffing for the crew of guests. Thank goodness I had plenty of great wine and someone else brought the dessert! —Cherri

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The turkey that was defrosted in a Jacuzzi

I was born in Mexico and my mom is from New York (she married a Mexican). Growing up in Mexico, my mom had this small group of friends which were almost all expats. Each year they would take turns hosting Thanksgiving at each other’s houses. This year (1993) was Lori’s turn, but the day of Thanksgiving Lori called my mom, exasperated, to say that she was going into labor and that she could not hold Thanksgiving at her house. She told my mom to pick up the turkey from her house, which had supposedly been defrosting. When my mom arrived at her house, she found the turkey still in the freezer, and with a couple hours left until everyone came to our house, she didn’t know what to do. I mean, you can’t have Thanksgiving without a turkey! And in Mexico, quick turkey solutions were just not available. So what did my mom do? She chucked the turkey into our Jacuzzi bathtub to defrost ASAP. She waited for everyone to begin to eat to see if any comments were made before telling everyone the events the turkey had partaken in. —Samantha

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