Make your own menorah for less than $20

Nov 1, 2013 at 9:32 a.m. ET

Menorahs are the highlight of the Jewish holiday and are not only meaningful, but beautiful as well. However, some store-bought menorahs can cost up to $200! Save your money and make your own menorah instead.

Not only is making your own menorah a great way to save money during the expensive holiday season, it's a great way to bond with your kids and family. Carve out an afternoon and craft one of these beautiful DIY menorahs. You'll love the memories made as much as you love the end result!


DIY mini jar menorah

 Make your own menorah for less than $20

Photo credit: Shoshana Berger

Finally, a use for all of those leftover baby food jars! Forget tossing or hoarding them, instead, turn them into a gorgeous menorah. The larger middle candle, or the Shamash, is made out of an old glass milk bottle and is topped with a small cork. We think this will look gorgeous on any holiday table or a fireplace mantel. The DIY tutorial is provided by Shoshana Berger.


Crystal salt and pepper shaker menorah

 Make your own menorah for less than $20

Photo credit: Cindi of The Brass Paperclip Project

Stunning crystal salt and pepper shakers get a new, more glamorous job, in this one-of-a-kind tutorial. We love how each shake is a little different, creating a truly vintage and unique look. These shakers are easy to find at thrift stores and cost only about $1 to $3 each! We love how Cindi repurposed this as a fun centerpiece for her coffee table.


Sparkly plastic dinosaur menorah

 Make your own menorah for less than $20

Photo credit: Momfluential

Plastic dinosaurs, glitter and candles? Who ever thought those three would go together? We love how incredibly creative and unique this DIY menorah from Momfluential is. If you don't have plastic dinosaurs, we think any plastic toy, like farm animals or cars, would work just as well. This is one craft your sons will be begging you to help create!


DIY wine bottle menorah

 Make your own menorah for less than $20

Photo credit: Little Miss Party Planner

Tired of those empty wine bottles taking up space in your house? Well, forget tossing them. Instead, spray paint them gold or silver and turn them into a beautiful menorah! We love how Little Miss Party Planner turned old bottles into a sparkling gold centerpiece for her son's first Hanukkah. If you want a more colorful look, spray paint each bottle a different shade of one color for a trendy, yet stunning, ombre menorah.

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