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With the holiday season around the corner, we’re all feeling that little extra warmth in our hearts. Use those feelings to bring good cheer with a kind gesture or 42. And whether the gestures are random or intentional, a bit of kindness can go a long way, even if you have only five seconds or an entire day to give.

Love note on mirror

When you have five seconds



See someone struggling or have a disgruntled look on their face? Smile. It could literally turn their frown upside down.


Compliment someone

If you like a fabulous outfit, scarf, pair of shoes, hairstyle or even a pretty pedicure on a stranger (or friend), tell them! That five seconds could give them a boost of confidence they deserve.


Bring a cart in from the parking lot

You don’t have to take every single cart into the store, but if you see a lot full of stray carts, take the extra second to push one inside, especially if it’s hot out!


Pick it up

When you see someone drop something, whether their hands are full or not, pick it up for them. The nice gesture could create a domino effect later.


Say “thank you”

It sounds silly, but when you see a teacher, a postman, a barista, a cashier or anyone working hard for your benefit, give them the praise they deserve.


Post your gratitude

Write “I love you” or “You’re awesome!” for your spouse, your kid or a friend and tape it to their mirror, put it in their lunch box or leave it on their desk. Just because.


Pay it backwards

Regardless of what line you’re in, take an extra second to pay for the car behind you. It could cause a fun domino effect.

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