How to make a Pinterest board costume for under $30

Many women, and probably some men, search Pinterest to find easy DIY Halloween costumes. But what about dressing up as a Pinterest board this year? The simple and clever costume will not only wow your friends, but you could totally pin it onto your DIY board after you’re done.

Pinterest Costume

What you’ll need:

Pinterest costume: Supplies

  • Cork board
  • Thumbtacks
  • Thick ribbon
  • Pictures to pin onto the board
  • Pinterest logo
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors



Make it ready-to-wear

Pinterest costume: Gluing neck strap

You will be wearing the board around your neck, so first you need to secure the ribbon onto the back of the board. Take your ribbon and cut off a piece that is long enough to let the board hang over your torso (I used a piece that was about 24 inches long). Try putting it around your neck before gluing to ensure the perfect fit. After you have found the perfect length, hot glue the ribbon to the back of the board.


Print out your Pinterest logo

Pinterest costume: print your Pinterest logo

To avoid the ever-annoying “So what are you?” question all night, it’s crucial that you print out a Pinterest logo! All you have to do is search “Pinterest” under Google images and plenty of logos will pop up. Make sure the logo you choose is big enough to go across the top of your cork board. After you print it out, pin it onto the top of your cork board with the thumbtacks.


Find your pictures

Go onto Pinterest and find pictures of whatever you would like to pin on your board; considering my raging shoe addiction, I decided to make it a shoe board. Take screen shots of the pictures, rather than saving them, so you can get the “Pin it,” “Send” and heart icons over the pictures. You also want to take a screenshot so you can get the number of repins and likes on the image to really make it look like actual Pinterest pins! After you print them, cut off all of the excess paper and start pinning.


Pin away!

Pinterest costume: pin on images

Simply place your trimmed pictures where you would like on the board and secure them with thumbtacks.



Pinterest costume: Done

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