Make your own ice cream cone costume

Oct 3, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. ET

Want to be something sweet instead of scary this Halloween? We have the perfect costume for you that everyone will love!

Ice cream costume


  • White tank top ($4)
  • 1 sheet pink felt ($1)
  • 1 sheet green felt ($1)
  • 1 sheet blue felt ($1)
  • 1 sheet yellow felt ($1)
  • Beige spandex or skirt ($4)
  • 1 yard red cloth ($3)
  • Green pipe cleaners ($2)
  • Headband close to your hair color ($1)
  • Orange or brown marker ($1)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors

Ice cream supplies



Create the sprinkles

Ice cream cone: Create the Sprinkles draw pattern

Draw a large oval, probably about 3 inches wide and an inch thick on one of your pieces of felt. Cut out that piece. It is going to become your “master” sprinkle. Using that cutout, trace about 10 more on each of the felt sheets. Once you cut them out, you will have very uniform sprinkles. Make sure to keep your leftover scrap felt for another step!

Ice Cream Cone: finished sprinkles


Glue the sprinkles

Ice Cram Cone: Glue the sprinkles to top

Take all of the sprinkles and start gluing them all over your tank top. You want to make sure that your sprinkles are more concentrated at the top and overlapping and less concentrated and more spread out at the bottom. Think about sprinkles on top of an ice cream cone, with fewer sprinkles dripping down, and the majority of the sprinkles at the top.


Make your cone

Ice Crewam Cone: Draw pattern on shorts

Lay your spandex or skirt on a flat surface. Starting from the middle point, use a piece of paper or cardboard to draw a diagonal line. That is going to be your main-line starting point. From there, draw another line that is parallel about 3 inches over. Repeat on both sides until you have covered the entire area. We ended up with about 8 lines. Starting from the middle again, draw another diagonal line that is perpendicular to your first one. It should be creating a giant X. Draw about 4 lines on both sides of your X, which should create a bunch of little X's or diamonds all over the area and making it look like a waffle cone.


The cherry on top

**Warning: This step gets a little tricky**

Ice cream Cone: draw cherry pattern on felt

Take your red cloth and fold it in half. Starting from the folded part, use your pen to draw 3/4 of a circle, making it look like it would be complete if you drew it onto the table. Cut it out. Once cut, if you unfold the cloth, it should look like two circles are overlapping.

Ice Cram Cone: add pipe cleaners to form shape

Take your green pipe cleaner and glue it in a U shape on one side of the cloth, about 1/4 inch away from the edge. Glue it down with hot glue. Making sure to leave a 2-inch opening, take the other side of the red cloth and fold it over and glue it down to the pipe cleaner as well.

Ice Cream Con: glue together cherry

Once the glue has dried, take all the leftover felt from the sprinkles and stuff it into the cherry through your opening to make a nice, plump cherry. Finally, to make the stem, take 2 more green pipe cleaners (ours were different shades of green) and twist them. Attach them to the top of the pipe cleaner in your cherry by twisting. Then glue everything together and trim, and you have a nice, plump cherry!


Attaching the cherry to your head and the final costume

Ice Cream cone: Glue cherry to black headband

Take the bottom of the cherry and spread a bunch of hot glue on the bottom. Once done, stick the cherry on a headband roughly the same color as your hair. Voila! You now have a cherry that you can wear! Put on your costume, and become the sweetest at any Halloween party.

Ice Cream Cone costume complete

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