Make your own flamingo costume

Oct 3, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. ET

Become a flamingo this Halloween with this fun and inexpensive costume you can make on your own!

Flamingo costume |


  • Lots of different pink and white feathers. I got mine from Michael's and ended up using about 8 bags of feathers that were all .21 oz , but it depends on how feathery you want your outfit to be ($1 each)
  • A spool of pink glittery ribbon, though it's your preference on the color ($3)
  • 3 yards of white tulle ($4)
  • A hot pink tank top ($4)
  • Pink feather boa ($5)
  • A white Mardi Gras mask ($2)
  • 1 small bag of gems ($2)
  • Hot glue gun and glue



Cut the ribbon and tulle

Flamingo costume: Cut your ribbon and tulle

Cut the ribbon to your waist size, leaving about 4 inches on either side so you can tie it in a knot. Then fold the tulle in half and cut strips about 2-1/2 to 3 inches wide. That way the skirt is fluffier and fuller later on.

Flamingo: Cut your ribbon and tulle


Wrap the tulle

Keep the tulle folded in half and lay it across the ribbon. Put one hand through the side of the tulle with the loop, then grab the excess tulle on the other side of the ribbon and pull it through the loop. Repeat with all of the strips of the tulle. Put the skirt aside.

Flamingo costume: Step 2: Wrap your tulle


Glue the feathers

Flamingo costume: Step 3: Time to glue those feathers!

Lay the tank top on a flat surface. Make sure to grab the bigger and prettier feathers out from the bags and start gluing them down. Leave the not-so-pretty feathers in the bag (you'll use them later on). Alternate the pink and white feathers to create more of a unique look. Let dry completely and repeat on the sides and the back. Try on the shirt a few times throughout the process to make sure you're getting the entire shirt covered completely!


Glue feathers onto the tulle

Flamingo costume Step 4: Glue feathers on your tulle

Remember those ugly little feathers that we saved from the top? Take all of those out again! On every two strips of tulle, sporadically start gluing the feathers onto the strip. (You can create a super-feathery skirt and do every piece of tulle, but I decided against it.)

Flamingo costume Step 4: Glue feathers on your tulle


Creating the mask (optional)

Once everything is done, glue a few excess feathers on the upper sides of the mask near the corners. Hot-glued gems around the eye cutouts in the mask to create a more bedazzled look. My mask didn't have a string attached, so I used extra ribbon that I had from the other parts of my costume.


The final look

Cut the feather boa into four pieces. Tie two strips each on both sides of the excess ribbon from the skirt. Once you tie the skirt, the boas will hide the knot and create a fun tail. Now your flamingo outfit is complete!

Flamingo costume: done

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