How to make a popcorn box costume

After you’ve done your hair and makeup and you’re looking super-hot, you’ll sure pop with this costume of a popcorn box! Under $30!

Popcorn costume |


  • White T-Shirt (V-neck or crew)
  • Red paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Plain baseball cap
  • Scissors
  • Small white and yellow balloons

popcorn supplies




Prepare your workstation for a painting project by putting newspaper down, a cup of water to clean your brush, wet paper towels to clean any accidents quickly and a paper plate for ease of access to your paint. Squeeze a generous amount of paint onto your paper plate, using it as a painter’s palette. Not featured in the photo is a cardboard barrier placed between layers of the shirt so you don’t end up painting both sides together.


Tape the lines

popcorn: Paint shirt

For more stability and cleaner lines, place painter’s tape on the shirt to act as a barrier between the white lines and the red.


Popcorn hat

Popcorn: cut hat

Cut a small hole in the top of the baseball cap to feed the balloon end into. Inflate one white balloon to medium size. Next, inflate two to four yellow balloons to a small size. Tie the ends of all inflated balloons together and insert them inside the small cut you made in the baseball cap.

popcorn add balloons



Add any further embellishments you wish!


Popcorn box!

Popcorn done

With your popcorn-kernel hat, your striped shirt and your butter-smooth yet salty personality, you’re sure to make a pop! at this year’s Halloween costume party!

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