Professional pumpkin carvers: Yes or no

Sure, pumpkin carving can be a fun activity, but it can also be challenging and time consuming. If your schedule is hectic and you’re not up for the challenge, you may want to consider contacting a professional carver to decorate your pumpkin. These five professional pumpkin carvers can replace your DIY pumpkin with a piece of art.

Xtreme Carvers Bella and Edward

Xtreme Carvers

Price range: $20 to $200 (pumpkin included), depending upon the size of the pumpkin, number of carvings and complexity of the carving

Do you have a favorite movie or cartoon character that you would love your pumpkin to display? Based out of Westerville, Ohio, this professional pumpkin-carving company has transformed hundreds of pumpkins into unique designs for customers. Some of Xtreme Carvers‘ pumpkin designs include Ironman, Edward and Bella from the Twilight film, company logos, animals, famous musicians and much more.

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Maniac Pumpkin Carvers World seires pumpkin

Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

Price range: Varies

This creative art studio specializes in elaborate pumpkin art and creating one-of-a-kind pumpkins in all sizes, from small sugar pumpkins to large Atlantic Giants. Maniac Pumpkins Carvers use locally grown, real pumpkins, and customers can be assured that their jack-o’-lantern will arrive fresh. Each pumpkin is pretreated with an all-natural solution and individually hand carved within 24 hours of delivery and can last up to two weeks or longer. Customers can choose custom lighting packages, which transform a pumpkin into a Maniac Lantern.

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Masterpiece Pumpkins puppy

Masterpiece Pumpkins

Price range: Varies

This carver has been creating “pumpkin masterpieces” for more than 20 years and designs and cuts 150 to 200 or more pumpkins every year. The custom-patterned and designed option creates a unique pumpkin for customers. Customers can choose from three types of carved pumpkins: live carved pumpkins, solid skinned pumpkins and artificial pumpkins. Masterpiece Pumpkins specializes in portrait pumpkins, logo pumpkins and more.

See samples from this carver here >>

The Pumpkin Geek: Jack Nicholson o Lantern

The Pumpkin Geek

Price range: Varies depending on subject, complexity level and time required

The Pumpkin Geek takes pride in creating custom carvings on craft pumpkins that last forever. So whether you’re a Trekkie or a Vampire Diaries fan, this carver can capture your favorite movie scene, TV character, villain, musician, sports legend or child or wedding portrait to create a unique, hand-carved design on a faux pumpkin that you can use every year.

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Fitzy Snowman Sculpting

Price range: Varies

This professional carver offers a variety of pumpkin-carving services, including carving portraits, jack-o’-lanterns and logos; pumpkins for special occasions; and giant 3-D pumpkins. World-renowned 3-D artist and sculptor Sean Fitzpatrick has hand carved pumpkins ranging from the field pumpkin to the giant pumpkin, which can weigh several hundred pounds. Fitzy Snowman Sculpting also makes the perfect 3-D large pumpkin sculpture. If you’re looking for a pumpkin to use as a centerpiece or a keepsake, you can select a custom-carved pumpkin from their collection any time of the year. These foam pumpkins aren’t perishable and they come with their own LED light.

Click here for Fitzy Snowman’s pumpkin carving photos >>

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting 3d zipper face

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