Pamper yourself on Labor Day weekend

It’s Labor Day — a day to relax and give credit to the labor that you put into your work, life and home every single day. So, don’t spend your day running errands or tending to kids, instead spend it on yourself. Give yourself the ultimate Labor Day of love with these hot items to pamper yourself all day long.

Comfy robe

Comfy robe

Before you start your Labor Day of love, slip into something comfortable. And what is more comfortable than a large, plush, oversized robe? So give in and buy that robe that’s a little bit more than you usually spend, and pamper yourself away. We love this comfy robe made of double-knit fabric that is perfect for a day of R & R. (Nordstrom, $125)

At home spa kit

At-home spa kit

Give yourself the R & R that you so deserve by pampering yourself at the spa. And by spa, we mean the spa of your very own bathroom. Buy an at-home spa kit, lock the door, and relax your Labor Day away. We like this Beauty Chic bath spa kit that is easy on the wallet and feminine in vibrant pink colors. (Target, $20)

DIY Pedi

DIY pedi

After you’ve completed your spa kit for your face, give yourself a much-needed pedicure. Clean, exfoliate, moisturize and pretty up your feet with this deluxe foot therapy and pedicure gift set. Complete with all of the necessary tools for a perfect pedicure, this set will make your toes look barely worked after your Labor Day of love. (Bed Bath & Beyond, $20)

Tabletop Waterfall

Tabletop waterfall

Complete your spa feel with the sound of a serene waterfall. Adorable enough to add to any decor scheme, this water lilies tabletop fountain will bring the finesse of a spa to your very own home. We love the bronze hue of the lilies that is a trending look for autumn decor. (Signals, $40)

Smelling sweet

Smelling sweet

Labor Day is the ultimate segue to fall, so ensure that your Labor Day of love is filled with the sweet aromas of autumn. Light a candle and smother yourself in all things that are pumpkin, cinnamon, apple and delicious. We like this sweet cinnamon pumpkin kit that includes lotion, spray, lip gloss and a candle. (Bath and Body Works, $15)

John Mayer

The music of your heart

To set the tone for your day, don’t forget to add music to the mix. Choose a Pandora station or an album that can give you a mix of calming melodies and a bit of rock to jam out to. We are loving John Mayer’s new album that infuses folk, country rock and his soothing voice.  (Amazon, $12)

Get lost in a book

As you relax your Labor Day away, get lost in a good read. Filled with the fantasy world of love, adventure, travel and a beautiful backdrop, Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is a great way to bring a nice end to your summer. Allow yourself to follow the life of a beautiful young actress and an Italian innkeeper pining for the idea of her wondrous image. (Barnes and Noble, $10)

Beuitful ruins

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