Host an end-of-the-summer bash

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have one last party to commemorate the season. End-of-the-summer soirees are the perfect time to round up your friends and loved ones before the days of relaxation and vacation are over. So before fall officially arrives, make sure you enjoy one last summer night.

Carnival themed end of summer bash

Here are three fun party themes to choose from to say good-bye to summery days.


Pie party

Pie party theme

Seriously, who doesn’t love pie? It’s a sweet dessert that keeps on giving — regardless of the change in seasons. Invite your guests to bring their favorite pies for a fun spin on a potluck event, and try new flavors. You can even award the best-tasting pie a blue ribbon.

Rather than serve fresh slices of pie in a traditional pie dish, mix it up by using molds and other serveware. Create tasty pie pops that your guests can take on the go as an event favor.



Carnival theme party

When you think of a carnival, what comes to mind? Perhaps images of cotton candy, games, hot dogs and popcorn? Carnivals are wonderful pastimes that travel throughout various towns each year. Perfect for all ages, there is always something to keep you entertained.

Recreate the carnival in your backyard with fun appliances to make those specialty items, along with balloons and other decorative items to evoke the theme. You can even provide guests with admission tickets upon arrival.



Camping party

Get a head start on your camping endeavors by hosting a backyard party to commemorate the summer/fall activity. Because it’s best hosted in the evening, you’ll want to illuminate your outdoor space with string lights and lanterns (use your fire pit if you have one). You can take your event a step farther by hosting an overnight party — just make sure you have enough tents and sleeping bags.

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