Entertaining on New Year’s Eve

Skip the crowded bars and clubs this New Year’s Eve and consider hosting your own fabulous soiree. With the following tips, you can host a great party that ends 2012 on a great note and starts 2013 off with a bang.

Winter party decor

Decor inspiration

New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to make your guests feel glamorous and chic. When selecting your decor and accessories, consider items that are colored in jewel tones or in shades of gold, silver and bronze. Jamie Chang, an event planner and designer at Mango Muse Events, says “Decor should be bright and shiny. I always think metallics work well for these parties.”

Another decor idea is to decorate with clocks or numbers. You and your guests will certainly be counting down the minutes and seconds until midnight, so these types of decorations are ideal for your celebration.

A clever theme

Themes are popular for birthday parties, showers and other events, but they’re not often considered for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Giving your party a theme can help set your soiree apart from the many other New Year’s Eve festivities you and your guests have attended over the years.

Nicole R. Matthews is the chief experience officer for EXPERIENCE RECESS by The Henley Company, LLC, which is a concierge firm that specializes in event, travel and lifestyle experiences. She recommends giving your New Year’s Eve soiree an “Around the World” theme. She says, “For those who have trouble staying up till midnight, why not choose another time zone to celebrate? For instance, in San Diego we can celebrate the English New Year at 4 [in the afternoon], so as London rings in the big event, we can celebrate along with them. Guests are encouraged to bring an ‘English’ dish to share and British-themed cocktails are served.”

Matthews further notes that an “Around the World” theme is great for parties that include kids, because children can still celebrate the holiday without staying up until midnight.

Resolution-inspired activities

Snacks, drinks, socializing and games can certainly occupy your guests until the stroke of midnight, but if you’re looking for other ways to entertain your guests consider another suggestion from Matthews. She says, “Ask your guests to fill out a ‘Resolution and Intentions’ form where they can reference their upcoming resolution for the New Year, as well as something they intend to do — perhaps live a dream in some capacity. The host then puts the forms in a lock box for the year and next year, the resolutions and intentions are shared to see how well each person did. You could add a charitable component by asking everyone to ‘pay up’ for any resolution or intention that was not accomplished.”

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