Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Whether you’re planning a feast for your friends and relatives or an intimate dinner for your immediate family, it’s likely that you’ll want to make Thanksgiving feel like a festive holiday affair. Even if your turkey turns out perfect and your cranberries have never been better, your guests will get their first impressions of the meal from how your table looks and your centerpiece will stand out the most. If you’re not channeling Martha Stewart this year, the good news is that it’s still easy to find a table decor that will make any holiday table feel cozy, festive and unforgettable.

Sustainable Centerpiece - PumpkinA Sustainable Centerpiece

If you don’t want to spend top dollar on a large floral arrangement, source your Thanksgiving table centerpiece from a local farm or better yet – reuse the pumpkins and gourds that adorned your doorstep on Halloween. Emily Anderson, style expert author of Eco-Chic Weddings suggests keeping your centerpiece simple. “If you’re feeling festive, spray paint pumpkins gold or silver and place them on a fun tray to use as a centerpiece.” The bonus? You’ll have more room on the table for the delicious meal you’re serving.



Embrace the vibrant reds, yellows and oranges that will mimics the changing leaves on your trees with DIY dinner table placecard designs from Spring Olive Design Studio in Chicago, IL. Use the free, printable templates to make your Thanksgiving a little more special – or to make sure your feuding cousins don’t sit anywhere near each other.


Think in MultiplesTHINK IN MULTIPLES

Should you opt for a traditional flower arrangement, interior designer Cecile Starin of Cecile Starin Interior Designs suggests selecting several small arrangements instead of one large one. Arrange them throughout the table so that guests will feel like they have their own personal centerpiece no matter where they sit. Another option is to make one larger arrangement and flank them with two smaller bouquets – you can even send some of the flowers home with your guests as a party favor.



Candle Power

If you usually adorn your table with a candelabra, try downsizing and run 25 small votive holders down the table in a random fashion. “The whole table lights up and your guests will all be able to see each other clearly,” said Starin. “No one will be peeking around a tall centerpiece. Look for votives in warm colors like rich browns, deep oranges and dark reds. Beware of scented candles – you don’t want the aromas from the candles to interfere with the taste of your meal.


Layer, Layer, LayerLAYER, LAYER, LAYER

For centerpieces and table settings alike, Starin recommends a “layered look.” Set the tone for your table by arranging a smaller colored square table cloth diagonally on top of a white main cloth for color pop. Make runners and run them across the table to connect two opposing place settings. This will accentuate your centerpiece no matter what plays the starring role at your holiday table.


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