Do-it-yourself holiday décor

From buying gifts and traveling out of town, to entertaining guests and cooking elaborate meals, many of the expenses associated with the holiday season can quickly add up to become quite overwhelming. You could add purchasing holiday home décor to this list, but why bother when there are so many stylish, seasonal elements you can easily create or revamp on your own, for little to no money?

Here are several ideas you can easily implement into your holiday décor that may also inspire you to develop your own unique creations.

Decorating with OrnamentsDecorating with ornaments

Think beyond your Christmas tree in regard to how and where you place ornaments throughout your home. Using bulb ornaments, you can create a colorful wreath that sparkles and shines, or fill a glass hurricane, vase, plate or bowl. Mix and match the bulbs’ sizes and colors to create an interesting look that also complements your home or holiday color scheme.

You can also hang ornaments from the banister of a stairway using colorful ribbons or string. Sally Morse, director of Creative Services for Hunter Douglas, recommends decorating chandeliers with ornaments as well.

You can even embellish your home with broken ornaments. According to Laura McHolm, an organizational expert and cofounder of NorthStar Moving Corporation, California’s premier eco-luxury moving and storage company, all you need to do is, “open up that tool box, grab a hammer and put all of the cracked or broken ornaments in a Ziploc® bag. Smash them up and use the pieces in a glass bowl for a pretty accent piece.”

McHolm also suggests revamping old, worn-looking ornaments with a few fresh coats of spray paint before sentencing them to the trashcan or a future garage sale.


Using ribbons throughout your home

Using ribbons
throughout your home

The great thing about decorating with ribbons is that they’re inexpensive but can be used in a wide range of places to create a fun, celebratory atmosphere inside a room or outside your home. “Buy colorful ribbons and tie them onto household items you wouldn’t normally think of—doorknobs, vases and even a couple of branches of your Christmas tree here and there,” suggests McHolm.

Morse offers another idea, saying, “In the living area, you can use wide ribbon to ‘gift wrap’ throw pillows like packages to give your couch a festive feel.”


Dressing up your dinner tableDressing up your dinner table

For many people, grand meals are a highlight of the holiday season, which is why dining areas are a popular spot to place seasonal décor. To enhance your dinner table, Morse offers the following advice, “You can dress up dining room chairs while also protecting them by attaching gold tassels to colorful fabric and draping it over the seat. Create a festive centerpiece by filling a crystal bowl with fresh cranberries, adding one aspirin per bag and topping it with fresh flowers with cut stems. For place cards, use holiday cards in small, gilded frames.”

For a simple centerpiece that works well on regular days during the holiday season, McHolm recommends, “visiting your local farmers’ market for some red and green apples to place inside a glass bowl.”


Getting Creative With Décor You Already OwnGetting creative with décor elements you already own

If the décor you already own looks outdated, has begun to wear, or no longer works with your holiday vision, don’t be too quick to trash these items or to keep them tucked inside your attic or garage. You’d be surprised how easily and affordably you can transform these decorations and accessories with spray paint, embellishments, fabric, new placements and pairings, and a fresh perspective.


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