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Watch SK Conversations: Simplifying Sustainability

Living an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle is more important than ever — but where to begin?! It’s a question many of us are asking these days, which is why SheKnows partnered with Soy Connection to host SK Conversations: Simplifying Sustainability. The free digital event took place on March 26, but even if you missed it IRL, you can still catch every last insight and eco-friendly tip that was shared by our panel of experts.

We kicked things off with a call from with Polly Ruhland, CEO of the United Soybean Board, who discussed the strides U.S. soybean farmers are making when it comes to sustainability. Next, SheKnows Lifestyle Editor Kenzie Mastroe sat down for a virtual conversation, “Sustainability at Home from Farm to Fork,” with skills coach and farm influencer Anne Briggs of Anne of All Trades. The two discussed farming, sustainability, and the critical role that regenerative agriculture — a new term to many of us —plays in feeding our growing population. Essentially, it’s an approach to farming and grazing that focuses on restoring the nutrients in soil. “We want to foster healthy growing methods so that we can grow more food so that we can basically guarantee our future on this planet,” Briggs explained.

Briggs then hosted her own farmer-to-farmer conversation about sustainability and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, with Laurie Isley, a Michigan soybean farmer and United Soybean Board Farmer-Director.

If all of these insights on the importance of sustainability have inspired you to act — and made you hungry for more — that’s where our next expert comes in! Chef Joel Gamoran, whose focus in the kitchen is on reducing food waste, gave a live virtual cooking demonstration of soy chorizo tacos that will definitely elevate your next Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday. He shared his expert tips on how we can all cut food waste at home, and how fellow content creators can market sustainability on their own platforms in a fun, eco-friendly way.

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United Soybeans.

Throughout the event, Soy Connection made helpful resources available, from a primer on soy protein and practical ways to include soy in your diet to a fact sheet about soy and women’s health, and they made sure to cover all the bases! You can also learn more about soybean farming innovation and soy sustainability.

This event was created by SheKnows and presented by Soy Connection and the United Soybean Board. 

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