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Your Child Just Received an ADHD Diagnosis — Now What?

Even if you had suspected that your child has ADHD, getting the actual diagnosis from the doctor can leave you with mixed emotions — and a lot of questions. Of course you want what’s best for your child, but how can you support them and take care of yourself? As it turns out, it all goes hand-in-hand.

The good news is that one of the most effective ways to help your child is to stay positive, and in a recent SHE Media survey, 54 percent of parents who had or will have their child screened for ADHD have a positive sentiment about the diagnosis. “Kids take their cues on how to react from us, so if we show them that an ADHD diagnosis isn’t something to be afraid of, it may make it easier on them,” says Dr. Theresa Cerulli, a neuropsychiatrist specializing in treating kids and adults with ADHD, who is also the mom of a daughter with the condition. 

All too often, parents of kids with an ADHD diagnosis feel guilty about it, but that shouldn’t be the case. ADHD is highly hereditary, so your child’s diagnosis has nothing to do with anything you did — or didn’t — do or provide for them (except their genes — but you can’t control that!).

Instead of feeling guilty, try to focus more on self-care (yes — for yourself). While it may seem indulgent, or like something you’ll never have time for, it’s actually really important for parents to take care of themselves in order to help give their children the best support possible.

Finally, parents can empower themselves by learning about ADHD. There are so many wonderful resources out there to help them navigate their child’s ADHD diagnosis. Not only will your child benefit from your knowledge of the condition, it’ll also prepare you to be a better advocate on their behalf.

This video was created by SheKnows for MoreToADHD.

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