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The Most Important ADHD Symptoms Parents Should Look Out For

As a parent, it can be hard not to compare your child to their peers. Whether it’s developmental milestones, grades in school, or behavior, we know there’s no such thing as “normal,” but at the same time, we want to make sure that our kids are getting the support they need. At a time when it seems like a lot of kids are being diagnosed with ADHD, you may be wondering what signs or symptoms you should look out for. Here’s what you need to know.

Typically, there are three major symptoms of ADHD: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. But it’s also important to know that all the symptoms don’t have to be present in order for someone to get a diagnosis.

Along the same lines, just because a child has a lot of energy, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have ADHD. It is described that ADHD pertains to both attention and emotions.

In a recent SHE Media survey, 41 percent of parents said that their child has difficulty paying attention and/or keeping on task. But the idea that all children with ADHD aren’t able to pay attention to anything at all is a myth. In fact, hyper-focus — like a child who can read books they’re interested in for long periods or play video games for hours on end —  is another sign of the condition.

For parents, the key here is noticing whether your child has difficulty self-regulating their attention: like not being able to focus on a task they have no interest in, or not being able to pull themselves away from doing their favorite activity.

If you think your child may be showing ADHD symptoms, start making a list or using an app to keep track of them. Then, talk to a doctor about your concerns. This helps them narrow down potential care and treatment options to make sure your child is getting the care and support they need.

This video was created by SheKnows for MoreToADHD.

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