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Dr. Jessica Shepherd Talks Aging Vaginas and What Your Gynecologist Really Thinks of Yours

We know you’ve always secretly wondered this, and we’ll just give it to you straight: No, your gynecologist really doesn’t care what your vagina looks like. “I hear this all the time: Oh my god, I didn’t shave. Oh my god, I didn’t do this,” says Dr. Jessica Shepherd, MD, OB/GYN. “I’m like, do you know many vaginas I see a day? I will not remember your vagina by the time I walk out of here.”

That’s just one of the many burning questions about your vagina that Shepherd tackles on the second episode of ‘Wine + Gyn.’ She doesn’t hold back and gets right into many of your thoughts, no holds barred.

Wondering if your vagina is ever the same after you have children? “It will never be the same,” Shepherd says. “Even if you didn’t have children, your vagina really isn’t the same. An actual human head can come out your vagina and then it goes back down to some size that can accommodate a tampon.”

Shepherd knows most women don’t have all the details on their bodies. That’s why if she could create any app, it would be called “Know Your Vagina.” “That can carry from anatomically and emotionally,” she says. “I think that people are very not connected to their vaginas.” It would ask questions and have videos all about the vagina — think Tinder for your privates.

Still have more questions? We do too. Watch episode 2 of ‘Wine + Gyn’ to get answers — and lots of entertainment along the way.

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