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On the First Episode of ‘Wine + Gyn’ Dr. Logan Levkoff Spills on Sex Talks & Sex Advice

Do you have questions about sex? We know you do, because everyone has questions about sex, and lots of them. And Dr. Logan Levkoff has heard them all. “I don’t consider any question strange at this point and I don’t think I ever have,” she says. That’s why we sat Levkoff down for the first episode of Wine + Gyn to get her insights on the topic.

After all, this is a woman whose parents gave her a frank birds and the bees talk while most other girls that age were still only giggling about it. “I have been talking about sex since I was 15 or 16 years old,” shes says. “My parents were super involved in HIV and AIDS fundraising and education. It was the early 1990s when all of a sudden the conversation around HIV and AIDS was changing. One day my sister and I came home after school and there were condoms and bananas on our dinner table and my parents said ‘this is how you use a condom and next week you start peer training to become an HIV and AIDS educator.’”

Levkoff realized “I had a talent talking about these things,” she says, and she’s been talking about them ever since. But just because she’s a sexpert doesn’t mean she knew it all — she had to learn a few things the hard way, particularly one lesson in college.  “I found myself in this space where my friends and I, who were fairly smart, sophisticated young women, we were all making the same really stupid decisions about our sexual relationships,” she says. “No equity in our relationships, no pleasure — not even considering what we wanted out of these partnerships. And I just thought, there really has to be a better way. I took whatever voice I had and was talking about safer sex and protection.”

Now Levkoff is all about sharing that wisdom with people of all ages, including her own kids. Unsurprisingly, it’s not a subject she shies away from with them, either. But just don’t use annoying euphemisms.

Her takeaway about all that sex talk? “No matter what body parts you have… bodies have the capacities for pleasure, regardless of your relationship status, regardless of your sexual orientation,” she says. “You can’t be a sexually healthy person without having pleasure or knowing that you have the right to pleasure.”

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