How ADHD Treatment Helped One Woman Love to Her Fullest Potential

Let’s be real: Relationships are both amazing and challenging, no matter what. As you spend more time with someone, you’re not only getting to know your S.O. on a deeper level, but you’re also navigating your own emotions and struggles. It’s a truly delicate balancing act, met with highs and lows, battles and triumphs. But knowing you have a potential soulmate to face the challenges with you — be it relationship-related or personal, or both — now that’s a gift.

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Case in point: Meet Melissa, who found out she had ADHD when she was 11 years old by snooping through her mom’s paperwork. She always struggled with long-term relationships and began to wonder if she’d ever be lucky in love.

When a new serious girlfriend arrived on the scene, they were quickly met with some challenges — and soon after found out that the challenges were mostly due to Melissa’s depression that was from letting her ADHD go untreated. However, with a depression diagnosis and ADHD treatment, Melissa found success in her search for a happy long-term relationship.

“It was a relief to know and have a diagnosis and to have a plan,” she says. “So our relationship is the perfect balance. I’m less impulsive and more structured, and she’s much more understanding.”

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Ultimately, getting that long-awaited treatment helped her live — and love — to her fullest potential.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she says. “We still have challenges — those challenges never go away — but we have a lot more fun with it.”

Watch Melissa’s health story above.

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