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7 Products That Can Help Provide Menopause Relief

Around half the population will experience menopause. It is an unavoidable certainty, a fact of life. Experiences vary, as does the age of onset — according to the Mayo Clinic, the average age menopause starts in the U.S. is 51, though some will experience menopause earlier, even in their 20s. Regardless of age of onset, many people report the same symptoms. Hot flashes and night sweats are almost a guarantee, and most find themselves anxious or irritable — not to mention sex becomes a real (and painful) drag.

So what can they do, especially since the symptoms of menopause can last several years? Well, they can seek medical intervention and/or try to treat their symptoms holistically, with herbs, supplements and products designed to bring about relief.

And if you are looking for relief, we’ve got good news. What follows are some of the best products to treat some of the most common symptoms of menopause. 

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