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Your Definitive Guide to All the Yoga Lingo

You know the benefits of yoga are endless: increased flexibility and strength, improved respiration, improved energy and sleep. It even helps with stress reduction and has been proven to be an effective tool for depression, addiction recovery and other anxiety-related disorders. That’s probably why you finally worked up the courage to try a yoga class. 

And as if getting sweaty and bendy in leggings in a room filled with strangers wasn’t intimidating enough, you have to learn a whole new “yogi” lingo. Like, what exactly is a Downward Dog? What are Sun Salutations, and why do you need to do them? How do they help your body get fit and help your mind find some Zen?

To help break it down, we reached out to Tracee Dolan, a yoga instructor at Privé Swiss Fitness, an award-winning boutique fitness studio in Connecticut, to help answer the questions you’re likely having as a newbie yogi.  

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